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About the company: Afrimat Ltd [JSE:AFT]

by , 17 June 2015

Afrimat is an open pit mining firm supplying the construction and industrial sectors. The company has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: Afrimat Limited
Short name: Afrimat
Ticker: AFT
Sector: Construction & materials – construction & materials

Five top facts about Afrimat

Fact #1:
Afrimat is a black empowered company, with its BEE shareholding sitting above 21%. It supplies sectors including:

  • Industrial minerals;
  • Resources;
  • Mining;
  • Road;
  • Rail; and
  • Construction.

Fact #2:
Afrimat has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under ticker AFT. The company listed in November 2006.

Fact #3:
Afrimat’s business is split into five main divisions. These are:

  • Mining & aggregates;
  • Concrete products;
  • Readymix;
  • Industrial minerals; and
  • Contracting international.

Fact #4:
Afrimat operates across South Africa in seven of its provinces and in Mozambique.

Fact #5:
Afrimat’s roots stem back decades. In 2006 Afrimat formed after the merging of two companies, Prima and Lancaster. Prima was formed back in 1963 and Lancaster back in 1965.

Chart of Afrimat’s share price

Chart of Afrimat's share price

Financial information

For more financial information about Afrimat, click here.

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About the company: Afrimat Ltd [JSE:AFT]
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