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About the company: Montauk Holdings Ltd [JSE:MNK]

by , 08 May 2015

Montauk Holdings specialises in renewable energy projects. The company has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: Montauk Holdings Limited
Short name: Montauk
Ticker: MNK
Sector: Oil & gas – oil & gas producers

Five top facts about Montauk Holdings

Fact #1:
Montauk Holdings employs around 75 people across its operations.

Fact #2:
Montauk Holdings has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under ticker MNK. The company listed in December 2014.

Fact #3:
Hosken Consolidated Investments [JSE:HCI], an investment holding company, unbundled Montauk Holdings in December last year.

Fact #4:
Montauk Holdings specialises in developing, owning and operating renewable energy projects, which make use of landfill methane. It operates 13 landfill gas sites in the US.

Fact #5:
Montauk Holdings focuses on:

  • Electric power generation;
  • Landfill gas collection system operations;
  • Pipeline quality gas production; and
  • Renewable energy credits.

Chart of Montauk Holdings’ share price

Chart of Montauk Holdings' share price

Financial information

For more financial information about Montauk Holdings, click here.

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About the company: Montauk Holdings Ltd [JSE:MNK]
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