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About the company: Novus Holdings Ltd [JSE:NVS]

by , 13 May 2015

Novus Holdings is a group of printing and manufacturing operators. The company has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: Novus Holdings Limited
Short name: Novus
Ticker: NVS
Sector: Industrial goods & services – support services

Five top facts about Novus Holdings

Fact #1:
Novus Holdings employs around 1,800 people across its operations.

Fact #2:
Novus Holdings has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under ticker NVS. The company listed in March 2015. Before listing, Novus Holdings was known as Paarl Media Group.

Fact #3:
Media24 is the majority shareholder of Novus Holdings, with a 63.34% stake. Media24 is a subsidiary of Naspers Ltd [JSE:NPN].

Fact #4:
Novus Holdings prints:

  • Magazines and newspapers;
  • Retail inserts;
  • Catalogues;
  • Books and educational material;
  • Commercial works; and
  • Labels.

Fact #5:
Novus Holdings is also involves in the manufacture of different tissue products.

Chart of Novus Holdings’ share price

Chart of Novus Holdings' share price

Financial information

For more financial information about Novus Holdings, click here.

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About the company: Novus Holdings Ltd [JSE:NVS]
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