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About the company: Reunert Ltd [JSE:RLO]

by , 28 July 2015

Founded in 1888, Reunert is a South African company focusing on the electronic and electrical equipment sectors. The company has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: Reunert Limited
Short name: Reunert
Ticker: RLO
Sector: Industrial goods & services – electronic & electrical equipment

Five top facts about Reunert

Fact #1:
Reunert employs over 5,500 people across its businesses. Reunert operates in South Africa, with minor operations in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Sweden, the US and Australia.

Fact #2:
Reunert has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under ticker RLO. The company listed in 1948.

Fact #3:
Reunert has three operating divisions. These are:

  • Electrical engineering, which operates under CBI-electric.
  • Defence and allied, which operates under Reutech.
  • Information and communication technologies, which operates under Nashua.

Fact #4:
Since discontinuing its mobile operations, Nashua’s focuses on office equipment, such as printers and digital software solutions.

Fact #5:
In its areas of expertise, Reunert supplies value-add products along with systems and solutions to the South African and international market.

Chart of Reunert’s share price

Chart of Reunert's share price

Financial information

For more financial information about Reunert, click here.

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About the company: Reunert Ltd [JSE:RLO]
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