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About the company: Times Media Group Ltd [JSE:TMG]

by , 30 November 2015

Times Media Group is a media company. The company had a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange until it was recently acquired…

Full name: Times Media Group Limited
Short name: N/A
Ticker: N/A
Sector: N/A

Five top facts about Times Media Group

Fact #1:
Times Media Group used a variety of physical and digital channels to interact with its audience. This included newspapers, magazines, books, television, film, music and platform businesses. 
Fact #2:
Times Media Group had a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under ticker TMG. The company was acquired in May 2015.
Fact #3:
Times Media Group consisted of three main divisions:
  • Media;
  • Broadcasting and content; and
  • Retail solutions.
Fact #4:
Times Media Group’s media brands included:
  • BDLive;
  • Financial Mail;
  • Sowetan; and
  • Sunday Times.
Fact #5:
Times Media Group’s broadcasting and content brands included:
  • Times Media Films;
  • Learning Channel;
  • Rise FM; and
  • Gallo Music Group.
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About the company: Times Media Group Ltd [JSE:TMG]
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