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Struggling to grow your cash into a fortune? Here are three “common sense” share picking rules to boost your returns today!

by , 29 January 2015

Are you frustrated because your stock selection is letting you down? Are your investment returns negative and ever so slowly decreasing? Or are your returns so bad you want to throw your computer out of the window and scream at the top of your lungs?

Well, no matter what your current returns are, today I'm going to help you pick winning shares all the time and grow a significant investment fortune. I'll give you three simple share picking rules to improve your share selection so you can make a fortune! It's so simple its common sense.

Best of all, you can use these tools no matter what strategy you use…

Three simple stock picking rules guaranteed to improve your investment results

Rule #1: You want to invest in a company that’s making money! Look for companies that keep increasing their earnings every year. Make sure you invest in companies that consistently (five years or more) make more money than they did the year before.

When a company makes more money year after year, chances are they’ll continue doing so into the future. They have a winning strategy and their capital investments are paying off…

Rule #2: Go for safe stocks. Invest in companies that the public will support no matter what the economic situation.

When the economy is doing badly, less people will spend money on luxury goods like expensive watches or jewellery. Less expensive cars will be sold and people will spend less at fancy restaurants.

But, they’ll continue eating, drinking and smoking. People will support cost friendly clothing retailers. They’ll always have to buy medicine and pay their insurance and continue spending money on their cell-phones.

Invest in these safer companies and your capital will grow as they can resist any economic storm! Just like the stock my colleague tipped in the latest issue of Red Hot Penny Shares “It’s a recession proof business you see” – Francois Joubert.

Rule #3: Buy shares with rising prices. When prices rise, it feels like you are buying a share close to its top and that it will turn around soon and fall. You think you will lose all your money.

But the truth is that a share that’s price is rising, usually keeps rising. And shares with falling prices, usually keep falling for a long time.

When you’re invested in a share and its price is at an all-time high, would you sell? You’d be happy with the performance and glad you are making money so why would you sell? You should be holding on as the share makes higher highs every time…

Use these rules to supplement your strategy and increase your wealth

No matter what strategy you use, you can use these three rules as a supplement to your strategy and improve your results.

At FSP Invest, we’re looking for great stock selection by using proven techniques to increase your returns.
So, the sooner you start applying these three common sense share picking rules, the sooner you’ll start seeing a difference in your investment returns!

Struggling to grow your cash into a fortune? Here are three “common sense” share picking rules to boost your returns today!
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