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Why carefully selected technology stocks deserve a place in your portfolio

by , 29 July 2015

Technology stocks have come a long way since the dotcom bust of 2000. Technology is such an integral part of daily life.

Just think how you rely on technology for so many aspect of your day to day tasks: Online banking, social media, email, etc. The list is long.

And it's not just individuals that need technology. Companies across the globe depend on it for their businesses.

So what sort of technology stocks should you focus on?

Read on to find out…

Technology is a necessity

The modern world relies on technology. In business, it can improve productivity and quality, help to maintain competitiveness and help companies to expand.

Technology has come a long way. It’s now a mature sector. And more importantly, as Walter Price the co-manager of Allianz Technology Trust tells Money Week, it’s “no longer a luxury”.

Investing in technology stocks doesn’t mean buying shares in Facebook or Twitter, the sector holds much more than this.

The technology sector now has sub-sectors. These sub-sectors include stocks that will be sensitive to economic downturns, whilst others will perform defensively in your portfolio.

Investing in a nice blend of technology stocks means you can take advantage of growth opportunities and spread your risk.

Where the best technology stock opportunities lie

One key factor to focus on is innovation. Innovation is key to a company growing and gaining market share.

Take Apple. Since reinventing itself, the company has gone from strength to strength and is still gaining market share despite its large size. Not only that, its large cash position is good news for shareholders.

A technology sub-sector worth investigating is cloud computing. IT giants like IBM are at the forefront of this technology along with other significant players. This is a sub-sector looking ripe for further growth into the future.

And you can’t ignore cybersecurity stocks. This is one area where growth is just getting started. With cyberattacks becoming more frequent, corporations and governments alike are looking for ways to protect their systems and are investing heavily in cybersecurity.

Bottom line: Technology stocks have a long future ahead of them. With technological advances happening at a breakneck speed, your portfolio could benefit by holding some key stocks.

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Why carefully selected technology stocks deserve a place in your portfolio
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