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3 Investment Strategies that work!!

by , 21 January 2020
3 Investment Strategies that work!!
I'm often asked where I invest my own funds and how individuals “beat the market”?

I have been trading for 25 years and Finova has been focused on Financial Innovation for 15 years and these 3 strategies have consistently produced unbeatable returns in these markets:

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Strategy 1: Options Overlay!
We use a tried and tested option overlay to enhance returns.
This simply means it compliments a larger diversified portfolio of assets. But it can be run naked to generate significant returns with greater exposure and obviously risk.  
Options are complicated and particularly difficult to trade in South Africa but implemented correctly they provide an asymmetrical return profile (a higher probability of positive returns) which is hard to beat, and it compounds every quarter!
The return has been remarkable annualised it’s delivered 59,4% over the past 4 years, 68,9% in 2018 and 64,5% in 2019%.
Yes, it has higher risks, which must be understood and managed, but without risk, these kinds of returns are not possible – Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
Strategy 2: The inefficiency of Markets!
Markets are not efficient!
We regularly identify and exploit mispriced assets.
To do this takes patience and a deep knowledge of financial markets as we often lock in profits using OTC (over the counter) forward contracts.
Strangely these assets can remain mispriced for extended periods of time which allows clients to profit repeatedly from the same trade using a relatively small amount of capital.
I have traded similar strategies on and off over the past 12 years.
In 2017 and 2018 our clients made well over 102% and in 2019 clients comfortably made over 130% with our unique approach.
This is not a shot in the dark strategy. The profits are clearly visible… It simply takes diligent planning and repeated execution over reasonable periods of time to achieve the expected outcome.
And the risks are surprisingly low!
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Strategy 3 – Guaranteed Returns
Structured products are not fully appreciated by SA Investors nor advisors.
They use bulk buying power, wholesale pricing, tax benefits and offshore facilities to create a total package that can’t be replicated in traditional “cash only” markets.
The result is, geared upside exposure to favourable markets and if markets don’t perform, your funds are guaranteed, in many cases at an attractive minimum return.
The result is better than direct investments into similar asset classes.
The combined effect cannot be achieved by individuals in their own capacity and It is a “no-brainer” to include with your investments.
There is no one size fits all strategy
These are not ‘plug and play’ buy and sell strategies, but rather each is a carefully planned strategy, involving a series of trades which have a high probability of delivering the expected result, best managed by a professional.
Too often investors chase easy or quick gains without understanding they have surprising low probabilities of being achieved.
So, it’s no wonder they are regularly disappointed.
We focus on the probability of success and execute repeatedly on that probability, always taking into account the risk.
If you would like to talk to us about these 3 Strategies and what they we can do for your investments, please email us on invest@finova.co.za.
Just be aware the minimum investment is R300 000 per strategy and some strategies work better in conjunction with a larger equity portfolio.
Guy Algeo,
Finova Capital, Wealth Manager
P.S: If you’re nearing retirement, you need to get your hands on a copy of The Little Book of Big Income Secrets right away. This income will help you live a TRUE financially free retirement.

3 Investment Strategies that work!!
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