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5 Important trading resolutions to kick off 2022 on a profitable note

by , 14 January 2022
5 Important trading resolutions to kick off 2022 on a profitable note
If you're looking to build your wealth through trading and you're finally feeling it's time to take action - This article is for you.

Each year, I love to start the year with direction and purpose when it comes to trading.

Share this article, send it to your friends and family and let's start your year off on a profitable note.

Here are my favourite 5 trading resolutions in 2022.


Resolution #1:
Save and deposit a bit of money to accelerate your portfolio

There is only one way to grow your portfolio at a quicker rate. You need to have more money in your account.

It’s easier to turn 100,000 into R200,000 compared to R10,000 into R100,000.

Wouldn’t you agree?

At the start of each month, make sure you set a date and a percentage of your savings that you would like to deposit into your portfolio.

Whether it’s R500, R1,000 or even R10,000 a month, make sure you do this before you spend on any unnecessary items.

This way you’ll have more money and more leverage, to grow your portfolio at a faster rate.

Resolution #2: Only take the trade when your system tells you too

You need to remember why most people blow their accounts when they start trading.

Either they trade on intuition or feelings. Or they listen to other external sources such as the news, friends, families and even analysts…

This year make it a conscious effort to base your trading signals on a proven and profitable trading strategy.

If you don’t have a proven trading system then either you can follow my trading ideas through Red Hot Storm Trader or you can adopt my 19 year, low risk, 62.5% win rate strategy called the MATI Trader System.

Then remember, stick to the signals or whenever the trade lines up in 2022.

Resolution #3: Find a 15 minute window opportunity to trade per day

If you can binge watch a whole season of Billions on Netflix, or you can scroll through Facebook for countless hours – YOU can most definitely save 15 minutes a day to trade.

This year, let’s cut down on the time-wasting activities and focus on growing your wealth for your future.


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Resolution #4: Cut out the distractions when trading

I have a small confession.

In 2014, I wrote an article saying how you can trade on the couch while watching TV or playing with your kids.

I’m sorry but I was wrong.

During those 15 minutes you’ve saved, you need to focus your energy and concentration COMPLETELY on trading alone.

You are risking your hard-earned money into the plethora of financial markets.

So make sure you spend the time productively and away from any distractions.

Not just distractions from TV and social media, but from your kids, family, friends and even your animals. Maybe even have a sign on your door saying something like…

“Working on going as a family to Disney world – Back in 15 minutes”.

Resolution #5: Have your trading goals in front of your eyes

The problem is, when you type out your goals in a spreadsheet– it gets lost in the archives.

Instead, write down on a big piece of paper your trading goals for the year.

Goals like:

•    No. of trades you’re going to take this year
•    Financial markets you want to incorporate into your trading
•    How many winners and losers are you planning on taking this year?

(Use your trading stats and track record to give you a more accurate representation on these goals.)

Let’s start our 2022 on a profitable note

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5 Important trading resolutions to kick off 2022 on a profitable note
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