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A simple investment strategy to get you firmly on the path to wealth

by , 27 January 2015

If you're looking for an investment strategy to help you build long-term wealth, the easier it is, the better.

And that's exactly what this investment strategy is. It's easy to follow and you only have to get to grips with one concept.

Read on to find out more about this investment strategy…

Focus on capital efficiency

This investment strategy involves focusing on capital efficiency.

You invest in companies that generate huge amounts of cash, but don’t require vast amounts of cash invested back into the business to keep it growing.

This is because these businesses live off their good, well-established reputations.

Think about a brand you’re loyal too. Maybe it’s a chocolate bar or a brand of washing powder. Chances are regardless of what other brands do to entice you, you’ll stick with it.

Brand loyalty creates a large moat around the business, Brett Aitken in Daily Wealth explains.

This investment strategy is best-suited to long-term investing. You invest in capital efficient companies with the strongest brands in the market.

It’s one of the easiest ways to generate wealth.

This investment strategy pays you too

There’s another advantage to investing in capital efficient companies. They have a tendency to pay bumper dividends to their shareholders.

By investing in these capital efficient companies, not only will you see solid growth in their share prices over the years, you’ll also receive dividends twice a year.

The secret to buying into these companies and making the most out of this investment strategy is to wait for the share price to pull back before you buy.

Think about the dominant brands in the market and which ones you’d like to own. Make a list of these companies and wait for your chance to pounce and buy.

So there you have it. A simple investment strategy to get you firmly on the path to wealth.

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A simple investment strategy to get you firmly on the path to wealth
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