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How to easily boost your income AND get cheaper finance today!

by , 09 December 2013

Ann has a penchant for sports cars. She believes in enjoying the finer things in life...

For Ann that means cruising around in the latest super-charged, super sexy machine. One that makes all the right noises as you step on the gas…

Right now she has her eye on a pearl-white Ranger Rover Sport with cream leather interior and brushed aluminium highlights…

And she is about to get cheaper finance for it than she would if she applied for a loan through the bank…
Now, think on the flashy Mercedes Benz that you have your eye on this Christmas…

You could do the same thing Ann did, and get cheaper finance for your dream car.

And have your new car at a massive discount, and in time for Christmas.

Here's how.
The simple strategy that’ll help you get cheaper finance…
While Ann was chatting to her dad one day, he suggested something she really didn’t expect…
You see her dad, like many people who’ve retired, has cash saved in a bank account. 
But his problem was, the returns were far too small to supplement his retirement, let alone beat inflation.
So, frustrated with the meagre rates he was earning in his bank savings account, Ann’s dad decided to offer her the chance to get her latest car for a sweet deal and to help him boost the returns on his own cash. 
Here’s what he did!
He offered to loan her the money to buy the car. In fact, he offered to let her get cheaper finance than she could at the bank. 
You see, it’s not that Ann couldn’t get finance for the car through a bank. 
But by taking a loan from her dad, she’d have to pay far less to him than the hefty rates banks would charge for financing on a swanky car like the Ranger Rover Sport she had her heart set on…
Ann took her dad up on his offer, saved herself a fortune in interest costs, and still got to drive her dream car.
That’s what I call a sweet deal!
A family loan should NOT be a casual agreement… But it can be a great way to boost your income
The method Ann used to get cheaper finance also helped her dad to boost his income!
But don’t think for one second that this was a handout or a casual agreement... 
Or that Ann and her dad rashly jumped into this without considering the implications for their relationship… 
They considered the agreement carefully and came up with some surprising conclusions… 
If they hadn’t solved these problems right then and there, Ann would not have been able to get her cheap financing and her dad would never have been able to boost his income. 
Jonathan Bachrach, Wealth Strategist for the Unconventional Millionaire, has put together a special report, which covers everything you need to know about how to make a family loan profitable, easy and good for your family relationships. 
This special report is your golden ticket to cheap finance, or to boosting your monthly income… Without hassles, or stress. 
It’ll also show you how to keep your family relationships in tact while dealing with the sensitive topic of money lending. 
This report is FREE to subscribers of the Unconventional Millionaire. 
Sign up today for a FREE trial subscription, download your free report NOW, and find out how you too can be driving your dream car before Christmas. 

How to easily boost your income AND get cheaper finance today!
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