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How to make a lightning fast 64% gain with this one simple trading strategy

by , 09 May 2014

When it comes to trading the markets, there are a million different ways to make money.

For example some traders, like me, are happy to trade the shares we'd invest in. And take up to three months to make triple digit gains. Others prefer to look for the really fast moves in the market.

The kinds of moves where they can literally make 15%, 30% even 64% in just a matter of days.

Now if this latter example sounds like the kind of trading you want to profit from, then you need to learn about breakout trading.

Breakout trading is your key to fast market profits. And it's easier than you think. Today I want to show you a simple yet profitable strategy used by one of the best breakout traders I know.
Breakout trading is all about timing the market for profits

Before I go any further telling you about this unique trading strategy, you need to know what a breakout trader is.

Essentially it’s a trader who looks for changes in the trend or movement of a share price. They wait for the price to ‘breakout’ of its regular pattern. And then they pounce! Diving into a trade for some lightning fast gains.
An example of a share price breaking out

And one of the great benefits of this trading strategy is you don’t need to wade through piles of research and financial reports. You don’t have to spend countless hours understanding the inner workings of different businesses.

No. All you have to do is track the share price.

And the best way to do this is through technical analysis.

Let the charts tell you when to get in for the fast gains

Technical analysis is simply the study of price movements to try and anticipate future movements in a share price. And to study the price movements, the share prices are plotted on a chart. 

Now in the old days, a technical trader would’ve had to manually record and plot the price movements. But fortunately, today you get electronic charts that will show you every movement in a share price at the click of a mouse button.

And because most share charts are easily accessible, breakout trading has become easier than ever.

You can use the charts to look for patterns in the movement of share prices and then pounce when you see the price breaking out of that pattern.

Try it out and you’ll be amazed at what the price charts can tell you. And over time you’ll become more and more familiar with the different patterns and faster at spotting them.

Take a short cut and get years of breakout trading experience in just a couple of minutes

If you want to fast track your breakout trading experience, then let me introduce you to one of the best breakout traders I know, Timon Rossolimos.

Timon spent years learning the patterns of the markets. And he’s narrowed them down to just a couple he believes will give you the best results. And today, he’s willing to share his patterns and breakout trading experience with you.

He will literally guide you through every trade he sees on the market. And all you have to do to get Timon as your breakout trading mentor is click here now and sign up to his Red Hot Trader service.

Until next time,

Here’s to staying ahead of the game.

How to make a lightning fast 64% gain with this one simple trading strategy
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