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Revealed: 5 Events that have set the investment trends for 2014

by , 15 January 2014

Political events the world over set the tone for development in the global economy. Today, we're taking a closer look at five of the most important happenings from last year. And showing your what they might mean for your investment in 2014.

A handful of political and economic events will change the way key business sectors tackle 2014… And the investment trends you can expect to follow on from this.
In our opinion, one event is the most important of all. And it’ll change the future of investment forever!
Investment trend #1: Conflict in Syria and its impact on oil supplies
Last year, Syria used chemical weapons in an attack that killed hundreds of people. 
The attack thrust the country’s civil war to the top of the Western agenda. 
Some governments wanted to punish the Assad regime with an American-led missile strike. 
But the British Parliament threw out the notion and Russia brokered a deal to get Syria to destroy its chemical stockpile. 
But the war will continue to rumble on. And the UN estimates that 75% of the country’s population will need aid this year. 
Now conflict in Syria has a direct impact on oil prices. And your oil investments…  
But why? When the country has hardly any oil? 
And that’s why war in the region has the oil market freaked out. 
Civil war in Syria might have an impact on the world oil supply if other countries like Iraq (3 million barrels of oil per day) or Saudi Arabia (11.5 million barrels of oil per day) enter the fray. 
If you have investments in energy, keep an eye on Syria to check up on oil price movements. 
Investment trend #2: The future of your tech investments 
Last year, tech companies dominated the business news. 
Good news for you if you bought into Twitter’s IPO. Twitter’s share price rose 73% on the first day of trading!
Bad news for Blackberry, which continued to trundle on, calling off a deal to let its largest investor take it private and then sacking its CEO.
In an attempt to stay afloat, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile phone division… A move many investors believe marks the end of the competitiveness of both businesses. 
Dell also experienced some turbulence when its founder, Michael Dell, bought it out for $25 billion… The largest buy-out since the start of the financial crisis in 2007.
So, it’s clear there is money in the new generation tech companies… And that older tech companies are struggling. 
As the Digital Age sweeps across the business world, it’s adapt or die for tech companies. 
So, if you’re looking to invest in tech, consider your options carefully. 
You might not be able to make money from the trusty blue chip tech companies of yesteryear. 
Investment trend #3: China flexes its muscles, possible impact on your Chinese investments
China is getting testy and experimenting with the limits of its power in the region. 
It tried to impose an air defence zone over a swathe of the East China Sea that covers islands contested by Japan… It wanted notification of any flight plans that would cross into the zone. 
Both Japan and America ignored the demand. 
Will China’s zone create instability in the region and put a damper on investment prospects?
Only time will tell but keep an eye on the East China Sea debacle if you have interests in the emerging market. 
Investment trend #4: The impact of NSA spying on the investment world
Edward Snowden leaked classified documents about the activities of America’s National Security Agency (NSA). 
When he did, he provoked a debate around mass surveillance. 
Many argue that the NSA took things too far… Including Angela Merkel of Germany and Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, who both had their personal communications tapped. 
Many people all over the world are furious that the NSA is spying on them. And that is driving many entrepreneurs to find ways to help consumers conduct their online lives securely… And privately. 
Clever tech startups like Hyperboria are paving the way to the wider acceptance of the alternative internet
For venture capitalists who want to get in on the trend early, keep an eye out for tech startups looking to satisfy the ballooning demand for online privacy. 
Investment trend #5: Digital currencies take the world by storm
We at FSP Invest believe this is the most important trend of all…
The advent of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, changed the way everyone in the world thinks about money…
In fact, the widespread use of digital currencies will be as revolutionary as the invention of the internet
And it’s the hottest investment trend of 2014. 
That’s why FSP Invest has put together a special report entitled ‘Is it too late to become a Bitcoin Millionaire?’. In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become the next Bitcoin success story. 
Get your copy today, and find out how to get in on the hottest money trend of the decade. 

Revealed: 5 Events that have set the investment trends for 2014
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