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Searching for a great investment opportunity? Look for these four characteristics…

by , 01 October 2015

Whether you're investing in penny stocks or large-caps, you want to find the best opportunities on the stock market to put your cash to work in.

So what should you look at to help you determine the best stocks to invest in?

Read on to find out…

Four indicators of a great investment

It’s vital you take time to research where to invest your money. You want to find an investment that gives your money the best chance of growth over the years.

To whittle down your search, look for the following four characteristics, Sean Keyes in Penny Sleuth explains:

  1. Profitability;
  2. Growth;
  3. Stewardship; and
  4. Safety.

Profitability and growth are pretty self-explanatory. You want to see companies steadily growing their businesses and doing this is a profitable, sustainable way.

When it comes to safety, check what lies ahead for the company and the sector it’s in. The last thing you want to do is invest in a company in a sector with poor future prospects.

Management is of vital importance

So what about stewardship? This is essentially the management at the helm of a company. And without a doubt, it’s a very important factor to consider when investing.

You want to invest in companies that manage their businesses with the interests of their shareholders at heart.

This is why many family controlled companies do well in this regard as their wealth is in the business. They’re also more likely to pay out dividends to shareholders.

To check out how a company ranks on the stewardship scale, you want to see:

  • Dividend pay outs over the years that are increasing;
  • Management owning a large portion of company shares; and
  • A lack of issuing new shares.

So there you have it. Four characteristics to look for if you’re searching for a great investment opportunity.

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Searching for a great investment opportunity? Look for these four characteristics…
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