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Stock trading strategy uncovered: How to go bargain hunting successfully - Warren Buffett style

by , 24 July 2014

When it comes to investing in the very best companies out there, it's not easy to buy into them at a good price. They trade at a premium.

But if you have patience, you can grab these companies at good prices. This stock trading strategy has helped Warren Buffett make his billions.

Read on to uncover how you can do it…

It all comes down to the way you treat events as an investor

This stock trading strategy is an almost sure-fired way of buying very cheap assets. And it works. You just have to look at events in a different way, Brian Hunt in The Crux explains.

When a crisis hits you have to use it as an opportunity.

This is exactly what Warren Buffett does with great effect. When a crisis situation comes along, a great investor can see what it really is… a fantastic opportunity.

A crisis means you can buy assets at cheap prices. Over time, these prices will recover and you can reap the benefits.

For example, think about when BP had its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes it was a tragedy for the area. The news sent shares in BP sharply down. And a nifty investor would see this as an opportunity. It was time to take advantage of the crisis and invest.

These opportunities don’t come round very often – you have to be ready to pounce

Many investors don’t realise this. But a crisis situation is one of the very few times when you can get hold of assets at bargain prices.

The majority of people panic and sell. They don’t ask questions. They just dump their stock and run.

Good investors do the opposite. They run towards a crisis. Amateur investors run away.

Make sure you have a watch list of stocks to keep an eye on. Then if something happens that affects the company’s share price, you can take full advantage.

So there you have it, a stock trading strategy to help you go bargain hunting successfully, Warren Buffett style.

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Stock trading strategy uncovered: How to go bargain hunting successfully - Warren Buffett style
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