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The five reasons you should start day-trading today!

by , 04 February 2014

There are plenty of trading myths out there which generally scare potential traders.
Here's one of them…

"Day-trading in the stock market is the most dangerous way to trade!”

Quite simply, day-trading is a style of trading where you'll take one or more positions within one trading day!

So you'll trade anywhere between the open and the close of the trading day.

Many novice traders believe that this style of trading is how many traders break their trading account within the first few weeks of trading…

Well, let me de-bunk this myth and tell you the five hidden benefits which could remove your fear of day-trading.

Day-trading benefit #1 You’ll sleep easy at night

This alone should be a reason to day-trade!

The only time your money will be at work, is while you’re awake and the market is opened.

When the market closes, you’ll be out of your trading positions and so, you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing you’re 100% in cash.

The next day you’ll wake up fresh, revitalised and you’ll be ready to tackle the markets once again.

You don’t have to worry about any unprecedented events such as wars, terrorist attacks, companies collapsing or other external factors.

What a feeling!

Day-trading benefit #2 You’ll have more buying power

Every day you’ll start with 100% in cash and so it’ll be easier for you to analyse and calculate how much you’re going to put into each trade.

You’ll also know that your capital is not tied up in trades and so you’ll be able to buy however much you want…

Day-trading benefit #3 You’ll grow a great track record quickly!

With day-trading, you’re going to take on more positions in the day compared to if you were trading on a daily or weekly time frame.

But this is great because you’ll be able to develop a track-record quicker.

If you had a daily time frame system, it would probably take you over a year just to see if you have a winning strategy.

Because as a general rule, you’ll need around 20 trades as a sample to see if you have a winning strategy.

The more trades you have in the sample, the quicker you’ll see if the strategy is lucrative or not.

By knowing you have a winning strategy will increase your trading confidence and bring peace of mind to your trading.

So, with your intraday-trading, you’ll be able to gather over 20 trades’ samples probably in under two months.

You can grow your track record which will boost your trading success and mind-frame.

Day-trading benefit #4 You can ignore what goes on at night!

At night, you’ll not only be able to sleep easy but also be at peace for the entire night. You don’t need to read the news, watch Bloomberg or buy a newspaper!

You can let other people worry about those issues and let them trade with unnecessary reactions.

At the end of the day, no pun intended, you’ll have nothing lose!

Day-trading benefit #5 it can be less risky!

You’ll avoid all of those risks being out the market after hours which could prevent you from suffering any unnecessary losses.

So, forget about external events, overnight gaps and other worries about your positions collapsing the next day.

The trick with day-trading is to keep to strict money management principles so you can control the levels of risk.

And make sure your losses are at least ½ of what your potential winners are..

You’ll find that day-trading can be the most lucrative and exhilarating way to trade.

Always keep in mind,

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”

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Timon Rossolimos

Editors Note: If you'd like to boost your trading performance, success and learn more top insider tips and tricks Timon has learnt over the last decade then follow him on Twitter @timonr. 

The five reasons you should start day-trading today!
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