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The School of Blackjack: Part 3 - Strategies to beat the house

by , 22 September 2017
The School of Blackjack: Part 3 - Strategies to beat the house
Head to your local casino, and you'll be able to observe human emotion at its basic.
You'll be able to spot those who have won and those who have lost.

You will normally spot the losers, they're the ones who are keeping track of which roulette numbers have come up and try convince themselves that there is a hidden pattern.

They also have a tendency to blame bad luck when they lose.

As the famous golf player, Gary Player once said, “The more I practise the luckier I get.”

So, here are some strategies to practise at and improve your luck at Blackjack.

The blackjack dealer's strategy

Before we get into strategies to beat the dealer we have to understand the dealer’s strategy.
This is simple as the dealer’s strategy never changes. He must “draw” to 16 and “stand” on 17 or more. You the player’s fate is entirely in your hands with three possible outcomes.
You either win, lose or standoff.
Now as the dealer has to draw to 16, the ideal face-card for the dealer to have (the card face up on the dealer’s hand), from you, the player’s point of view, will be a 6.
Statistics show the dealer’s second card will most likely give a total of 11 but less than 17 which will force them to draw another card putting them in a vulnerable position.
Which is where you want them!
Similarly, a dealer’s face-card of 4 or even 5 is likely to leave them in no-man’s land.
Okay, so what if the dealer has a lower value card as their face-card, say a 2 or a 3. Studies have shown there is a high probability of making a hand so you need to be willing to take a risk.
Now what should you do if the dealers face-card is a seven, eight, nine, ten, picture card or an ace?
This is your biggest opportunity and the dealers biggest risk.
Again what I’ve told you here is what to watch out for not how to play the scenario. That’s where strategy cards come in.

Here's how a backjack strategy card works

D=Double Down

These strategy cards have been compiled from research done on millions of individual Blackjack hands and accurately represents strategies the majority of professional Blackjack players use.

This is the end of class and I hope you enjoyed it. 

Until next time.

Christopher Ammon

P.S: If you missed the second article, The School of Blackjack: Part 2, Click here now.


The School of Blackjack: Part 3 - Strategies to beat the house
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