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Three ways to beat a falling rand!

by , 24 January 2014

Over the last year, the rand has fallen more than 18% against the US dollar. Over the last three years it's fallen more than 35%.

And with an estimated 100,000 workers striking in the platinum sector, the rand is only going one way: That's DOWN!

The problem is, every time the rand falls, the value of your wealth falls with it. So today I want to show you three ways you can beat a falling rand and really grow your wealth.
3 ways to grow your wealth faster than the rand can fall…

1) Swap currencies!

This is the most obvious way to make sure the falling rand doesn’t wipe out your wealth. And it’s easier to do than you might think.

Now, you might worry that to change your money from rands, you need to have a flight booked and a planned trip to some foreign country.

But the truth is you don’t. 

So how do you swap currencies?

All you have to do is speak to your broker. Just tell him that you want to trade currency futures. A currency future is a contract which sets an agreed price and date that you can buy currency on. So if you traded the March 14 USD/ZAR contract, you’d lock in a price that you could buy US dollars for.

That way, if the rand falls further against the dollar, your currency losses will cancel out by your futures profits.

2) Use the weak rand to profit

Another way you can beat a falling rand is to invest your money into things that actually make more profit when the rand weakens. 

I’m talking about investing in rand hedge shares like British American Tobacco (BTI) and Sasol (SOL).

These companies earn the bulk of their profits from outside of South Africa. And because of this, they receive payment in foreign currency.

So as the rand weakens, they receive the equivalent of more and more rands. And that means more profits for you as an investor.

3) Gear up to grow your money faster than the rand can possibly fall

The final way to beat a falling rand is one of my favourites. And it relies on a very specific trading tool called gearing. 

Now, gearing is simply the ability to gain control of a large amount of assets or money using a small amount of money.

And my favourite way to do this is to use CFDs. These are financial instruments that allow you to reap the returns from as much as ten times the money you put down. Simply put, these instruments can turn a small 12% move in a share into a massive 120% gain in your portfolio.

With returns like that, you won’t have to stress about the rand falling 18%.

And you can become a master CFD trader easier than you think. How?

It’s simple. I’ll help you do it.

You see, I run a service called Capital Wave Trader. And in this service, I dedicate my time to finding some of the most profitable and rewarding CFD trades in the market. 

In fact just last week I helped subscribers of Capital Wave Trader use CFDs to bank a massive 144% gain in just nine days. That just shows how profitable gearing can be when you know how to use it.

To learn more about my Capital Wave Trader service and how you can use CFDs to generate returns big enough to grow your wealth no matter how far the rand falls, simply click here.

Until next time, 

Here’s to staying ahead of the game.

Warren Jeffery

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Three ways to beat a falling rand!
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