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Two ways to find the best shares to buy

by , 15 July 2015

Once you decide to invest, you want to be able to find the best shares to buy. This means finding the shares that are going to perform the best.

So how can you find the best shares the stock market has to offer?

There are two main ways to go about finding them: Fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Let's take a look at both techniques…

Finding the best shares to buy with fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a popular way of finding the best shares to buy. There are many ways to apply fundamental analysis to researching shares.

So what exactly is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis involves assessing the merits of a company by:

  • Analysing its trading results;
  • Looking at its future prospects;
  • Looking at its management;
  • Weighing up the economic situation; and
  • Understanding what’s going on in its industry.

One of the best-known fundamental analysts is Warren Buffett. The multibillionaire applies a type of fundamental analysis called value investing. He looks to find undervalued shares that haven’t yet reached their future potential.

To be good at fundamental analysis, you need to be able to delve into a company’s accounts and work out what the figures really reveal.

Using technical analysis to uncover the best shares to buy

Technical analysis is very different to fundamental analysis. This form of analysis ignores what’s going on with the fundamentals and focuses on charts instead.

Technical analysis works by looking at the historic price action of a share and using this to predict what’s going to happen in the future.

Technical analysts believe this is the best way to find the best shares to buy.

The type of analysis you choose to use is very much down to you. You may use either fundamental analysis or technical analysis, or you may use a combination of the two.

So there you have it. Two ways to find the best shares to buy.

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Two ways to find the best shares to buy
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