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Volatility is back and if you're a trader - Welcome to paradise!

by , 13 March 2014

There is nothing a short term break-out trader hates more than, a sideways market that doesn't move much.

When the market is directionless, there are so few trading opportunities to make big and quick gains.

Well, for the last five years, the market has been flat and boring and profitable trades have been very scarce.

But now the SAVI index is telling traders that there's a ‘profit paradise' on the horizon.

Here's why…

This is a great way to see if you’ll profit as a ‘savvy’ trader!

We have our very own South African Volatility Index also known as the SAVI or the Fear Index. This is an index that forecasts the equity market risk in South Africa.

And, it measures the expected level (implied) of volatility, in the next 30 days, of the JSE ALSI Top 40 index.

The SAVI was launched in 2007, and has been an absolute dream of an indicator for a trader to watch.

When the Index goes up, it generally means that there is higher volatility to come in the market in the next 30 days. You can say that there is generally more selling and fear in the market.

But as a trader, we can profit whether the market goes up or down, so it really doesn’t matter.

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The SAVI index has broken out of its downtrend which means, more profit opportunities for you!

Timon Rossolimos

As you can clearly see in the monthly chart, the SAVI has been dropping since 2009.

But last month it broke right out of its down trend, which means one thing.

There’s a lot more volatility to come in the next few years.

And this is the best news you can hear, if you’re a trader you should be doing backflips of joy by now.

It tells me to start preparing for big moves to come, where we can profit from up or down.

But what do you need to join me?

All you need is a cell phone and a broker to profit from this volatility!

I run a successful trading service called Red Hot Storm Trader, where I look for high probability trades for you.

With this high volatility coming into the markets, it fits very well with my winning trading strategy I’ve used for many years.

In fact, on the 10th February, we closed our African Rainbow Mineral trade and locked in a 36.5% gain in just under two weeks.

So hopefully, we can see more trades with even bigger gains! So, I’ll be sure to send you an sms and tell you, when to get in and out of your trade.

It’s as easy as that

You can no doubt sense and understand my excitement knowing that more volatility will be coming into our market.

Click here if you’d like to profit from this volatility in the market!

Always keep in mind,

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”

Volatility is back and if you're a trader - Welcome to paradise!
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