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What you can learn from Donald Trump about investing

by , 23 September 2015

You're no doubt familiar with Donald Trump, even if it's just watching him in The Apprentice.

In a book he wrote ten years ago, Trump details how to invest wisely, how to run a successful business and earn more money, plus a lot more.

So what is Trump's investment advice?

Let's take a closer look…

Investing tips from Donald Trump

Whilst the book’s main focus is making money in the world of business, there are chapters on how to invest wisely.

The core principles for investing Donald Trump reveals in How to Get Rich are:

  • Stay with the winners;
  • Invest simply; and
  • Be your own financial advisor.

He believes you should keep abreast of the financial news, and read good financial books and publications, such as The Wall Street Journal.

Investing simply is key to long-term success

Trump says you need to keep investing simple, explains Mark Skousen in Investment U. This means staying clear of gurus and any ‘expert’ who have intricate strategies, include hedge funds.

Instead, he recommends sticking with smarter alternatives. These are products you understand and with people you trust implicitly.

With picking a money manager, he said to avoid those with no track record. And stay away from hot stocks.

His investment portfolio is testament that he follows his own advice to a certain extent. Trump’s portfolio, which is worth some $78 million, consists of:

  • Unit trusts;
  • Traditional stocks, including Apple; and
  • A small gold holding.

His portfolio has performed well, yielding 20% over an 18-month period, but he does hold over $15 million in hedge funds. Against his own advice in his book.

So there you have it. What you can learn from Donald Trump about investing.

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What you can learn from Donald Trump about investing
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