Gauteng tops the tables for taxable income

by , 21 October 2013

Earlier today, SARS released its 2013 Tax Statistics. The data, which covers the 2012 tax year, showed that nearly half of personal income that SARS gets its cut of is earned in the Gauteng province. Let's take a closer look at what the data revealed...

SARS's data on tax showed that individual taxpayers in Gauteng “earned 46.5% (R475.8 billion) of the country's total R1 trillion aggregated taxable income,” reports Fin24. This data covers the “2012 tax year”.

But that 46.5% is for “just under a quarter of the country's population,” says IOL. Stats SA's population estimates for the middle of the year estimate the population in Gauteng at 12.7 million people.

In comparison, the “least populated province” is the Northern Cape, adds IOL. It only accounts for “87,908 individual taxpayers”.

The second most populated province only accounts for 13.9% of taxable personal income

In terms of population size, KwaZulu-Natal is second highest on the list of provinces, says the SABC. The province has “10.5 million inhabitants”. But it only made up 13.9% of taxable personal income.

Stats SA estimates that the Eastern Cape has around 6.6 million people, says Fin24. Just shy of “395,000 assessed individual taxpayers” reside there. The province was responsible for nearly “R66 billion in taxable income”.

The Western Cape accounted for in excess of “R149 billion in taxable income last year,” says the SABC. That's 14.6% of the total taxable income. The province makes up 793,187 individual taxpayers.

These individual taxpayers helped SARS collect a staggering R813.8 billion in revenue last year, notes Fin24.

So perhaps not surprisingly, Gauteng accounts for the biggest earners.

Gauteng tops the tables for taxable income
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