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How much of your tax goes to pay for South Africa's cabinet?

by , 20 August 2014

When the ANC was re-elected in May, President Jacob Zuma beefed up his cabinet, adding more cost to the taxpayer.

But it's not just the wage bill that the taxpayer has to foot, it's all the trimmings that go along with it.

Have you thought about how much of your tax money goes towards paying for South Africa's cabinet?

Read on to find out more about the true cost…

The South African cabinet is larger than in the UK or the US

After the re-election of the ANC in May, President Jacob Zuma announced the addition of two new ministries, reports The South African. This brought “the size of the government up to 35 ministers and 37 deputies”.

That makes the South African cabinet bigger than those in the US and the UK, adds The South African.

Just to pay the wages of the cabinet for 2013/2014 came in at R143,021,079, says Mail & Guardian. This doesn’t account for the current year. But once wages are determined, the ministers and deputies will receive the difference.

With wages at a staggering R143 million for last year, what other costs do the taxpayer have to fork out?

The cabinet has substantial allowances

Kate Wilkinson in the Daily Maverick investigated…

Here are some of the allowances that members of the cabinet have:

Private car allowance
Ministers and deputies receive a quarter of their salary towards a private car. And that’s whether they buy one or not. According to the “latest salary determinations” that’s another R35,755,270 onto the bill.

Travel allowance
Member of the cabinet and their partner “may book first class tickets for official international journeys”. And as part of their ‘package,’ they also get “30 single business class flights per year within SA”.

Other allowances
The cabinet get reimbursed for other “’reasonable’ out of pocket expenses”. This also covers expenses for family members who travel with them on trips.

The South African estimates that the tax bill will be over R1 billion over the next five-year term. That’s roughly R200 million each year.

That’s a staggering amount for taxpayers to cough up for the government in office.

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How much of your tax goes to pay for South Africa's cabinet?
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