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[DOWNLOAD] Your FREE Trading Risk Calculator Tool

by , 03 June 2021
[DOWNLOAD] Your FREE Trading Risk Calculator Tool
Q. “Timon, I read your article where you expect the oil price to rally.

What about the situation with the Iranian President reaching an agreement with the United States…

Could that also cause a boost in the oil price?”
A. Aah yes, thank you for reminding me.
The talks and negotiations in Vienna were definitely another major factor in supporting an oil price rally. 
On 20 May 2021, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said they had reached an agreement with the United States.
They are going to lift the sanctions targeting Iran’s oil, petrochemicals and shipping.
If all goes well with the deal and sanctions are lifted, then the S&P Platts estimates Iranian crude exports will rise from 800,000 barrels per day (bpd) to over 1.4 million bpd by December 2021. And by July 2022, it could grow to over 2 million bpd.
And with Iran picking up production (which will add to the oil supply), it’s just one of the reasons why Goldman Sachs estimated Brent Crude to reach $80 by the end of the fourth quarter.
Chief Income Strategist Francois Joubert is sharing his favourite dividend stock.
There are not a lot of companies that make profits in good times and in bad…
But what if I told you there’s a business that’s seen increased demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic… And this isn’t just a fluke.
Businesses like this one are extremely resilient – and tend to grow their bottom lines no matter the economic situation.
In fact, as I write its dividend yield sits at an incredible 10.4% based on its current share price.
And when you see why I think its share price has a long way to run up, you’ll quickly see why it’s my #1 Income stock for 2021.
Find out why this company is set for a record year - and get the name and ticker symbol - as part of Francois’ FREE Big Income Package.
What a Red Hot Storm Trader shared:
“I was struggling to find good markets and entry levels. Trying to do this alone was one of the most overwhelming issues I had. That was until I came across Red Hot Storm Trader. Everything is laid out with both technical and news information with precise trading levels and reasons. I feel I have a guide now to direct me into the right direction as an aspiring trader. I can’t wait for the next trade!”
Answer by Timon: Thank you Julian. My lightning bolt moment that drove me to consistent profits, was in 2011 where I started focusing on a mechanical, proven and easy trading approach. And now I have the privilege to share it with my most passionate traders where we can all profit together.
To join in on the profits with Timon: Click here…
10X Crypto Profit Potential
Bitcoin has hit a series of new all-time highs already in 2021. Peaking so far over $60K. Its market cap has surged over $1 trillion.
And if you want to dip into an investment that's taking off - and can be cheaper and easier than trading stocks or options...
Q. “I am new to the world of CFDs. In the emails with each trade idea, you mention a Margin % (initial deposit) for each trade. As a new trader, how would I apply one of the margin per trade of R42.50 in the last Red Hot Storm Trader trade. I use Blackstone Futures trading platform?”
A. Great question… Each broker and trading platform has their own margin deposit requirements. And so R42.50 for me to buy one CFD could be R34.00 for you, depending on which broker you use.
You’ll need to ask your broker or look on their trading platform to see what their margin is to buy each CFD.
The only thing I really use it for is a reference to base the gains and losses on the Red Hot Storm Trader’s portfolio.
This is so I can track the progress and see what I need to do to improve the win rate or manage the drawdowns…
Don’t worry too much what the margin per CFD is. Because whether you put in R34 per CFD or R42.50, what you stand to lose is based on these three important factors: 
1. How many CFDs you’ll buy / sell
2. Where you’ll place your entry price
3. Where you’ll place your stop loss (risk) price
This way, you can manage how much you can lose, if the trade goes against you.
I have a CFD & Spread Tool you can use to calculate your risk with each trade.
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader  

[DOWNLOAD] Your FREE Trading Risk Calculator Tool
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