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10 Quick steps to start profiting from offshore markets

by , 28 April 2021
10 Quick steps to start profiting from offshore markets
Trader X has already banked 409,96% cumulative gains since Jan, with just two losses this year…

That's an 80% win rate right there…

You can take a look below to see what he's been trading.

It’s been quite the run so far and he is super confident, there is a lot more to come. The global markets are pumping and so is his winning streak.
If you keen to piggyback on this track record, here are 10 quick steps you’ll need to follow to start banking these kinds of profits monthly.
Let’s get started…
Potential R14,050, R6,250 even R5,450 Payday lined up!
This system is tripling returns left and right.
Trader X has closed out eight winners and just two losers in the last 90 days. Generating quick paydays of R14,050, R6,250 even R5,450... in less than one month or less. 
He’s revealing the secrets behind these fast-moving plays in this special presentation which you can preview here
Step #1:
Makes sure you have an email address or a phone
With Pickpocket Trader, I want to make sure you get our weekly trading ideas and updates no matter where you are.
If you have an email address or a phone, you’re ready to move on to step 2…
Step #2:
Choose a reputable broker to trade with…
Now I know there is a plethora a brokers’ out there.
But if you haven’t done so yet, I’ll send you a complete broker letter with two of the best brokers I’ve ever come across.
They have award winning brokers which offer the top trading and charting platforms. It takes two days to withdraw your profits and deposit your money into your account.
They are also registered with the JSE, giving you that peace of mind.
Step #3:
Deposit money into your account
It takes money to make money, right?
So make sure you have at least R1,000 to dabble with the trader service.
Ideally, you should have at least R5,000. This way you’ll be able to take on more trades and deal with the minimal costs that come with it.
Step #4:
Save 10 minutes out of your day to trade
If you can spare a 10-minute bathroom break or a tea break, you’ll have enough time to action the trading ideas that I send out.
You see, the markets don’t wait for anybody. And so, I like to give a period of under 30 minutes, for you to read your email or SMS, call your broker and take the high profitable trades I send out.
Step #5:
Save an extra five minutes a day to catch up
Trader X also enjoys giving his subscribers extra information when he communicates with them.
Each week, he’ll send out how his trades are doing, extra lessons on how to optimise your trading and which markets he’s eyeing out for his next profitable trading idea.
So make sure you can save an extra five minutes out of your day or night, to read through the updates.
Step #6:
Get to know your broker!
The brokers we recommend, I believe, are the best South Africa has to offer.
We always recommend to our subscribers to phone their brokers and find out their names and what services they offer to their clients.
This way, you’ll feel comfortable giving them a ring and telling them to action a trade when you’re away from your computer.
Step #7:
Be patient
The most important step with being a profitable trader, is having patience.
I understand you want to take on as many trades as possible, when you start out.
It is an exciting venture, but it is dangerous to be finger trigger happy.
I believe that quality is more important than quantity. And so, Trader X only likes to send out the highest profitable trade ideas that he knows will have the edge over others.
This is what separates the crowd from the pros…
Step #8:
Read through the FREE books we send you
When you join Pickpocket Trader, Trader X will send you a FREE Welcome Guide straight to your inbox.
The Essential Guide to Financial Pickpocket Trading Strategies (PDF)
Basically, it introduces you to trading, how it works and how to profit big from small moves in the market.
It then focuses on how Trader X identifies trades using a 16 year old proven, back tested, low risk, high reward trading chart and fundamental strategy.
This way you’ll know exactly how he picks trades that are ripe for the profit.
Step #9:
Keep your head up
If you feel you have the passion, dedication and determination to profit from trading – I guarantee you can achieve this...
Each trade, each communication and each update Trader X sends, he will need you to put in your full concentration in those 5 to 10 minutes…
It could be all that you need to profit…
Step #10:
Keep at it
We’ve been running these Trader Services since 2013. Which rest assured, should tell you we know how to pick our analysts and keep them on board. In fact, Trader X is one of the best traders’ I know and it’s an honour for him to be with us as out analysts…
All we ask is for you to be consistent, keep at it and trust the profitable process along the way…
It’s the consistency that will make the trader profitable…
So keep at it and let’s profit.
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader  

10 Quick steps to start profiting from offshore markets
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