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10 Quick steps to start profiting with Red Hot Storm Trader

by , 24 February 2021
10 Quick steps to start profiting with Red Hot Storm Trader
In 2021, we've already banked four profitable trades and we're not even in March!

• On the 6th of January we locked in a 46.345 gain with Anglo American.

• On the 11th of January we banked a 75.52% gain on the JSE ALSI 40.

• And on the 10th of February, we secured a 30.09% gain with Shoprite.

And we're just getting started!
If you haven’t joined Red Hot Storm Trader, then I am sure this email will serve you very well.
Before you join my most elite trader service, I am going to tell you 10 quick steps you’ll need to follow to start banking these kinds of profits month in and month out…
COVID has created the perfect market for savvy stock pickers. In fact, some of my readers have already been rewarded with an insane 519% gain from DRD Gold, 330% from Jubilee and tallying up our closed portfolio at Jan 2021, we’ve generated average gains of 64% across a portfolio of 13 stocks.
We’re on the hunt for more. Care to join us…?
Step #1:
Makes sure you have an email address or a phone
With Red Hot Storm Trader, I want to make sure you get our weekly trading ideas and updates no matter where you are.
If you have got an email address or a phone, you’re ready to move to step 2…
Step #2:
Choose a good broker to trade with
Now I know there is a plethora a brokers’ out there to trade with.
But if you haven’t done so yet, I’ll send you a complete broker letter with two of the best brokers I’ve ever come across. 
They have winning award brokers which offer the top trading and charting platforms. It takes within two days to withdraw your profits and deposit your money to grow your account.
And they are registered with the JSE, which means you know they are good.
Step #3:
Deposit money into your account
It takes money to make money, right?
So make sure you have at least R1,000 to dabble with the trader service.
Ideally, you should have at least R5,000. This way you’ll be able to take on more trades and deal with the minimal costs that come with it.
Step #4:
Save 10 minutes out of your day to trade
If you can spare a 10-minute bathroom break or a tea break, you’ll have enough time to action the trading ideas that I send out.
You see, the markets don’t wait for anybody. And so, I like to give a period of under 30 minutes, for you to read your email or SMS, call your broker and take the high profitable trades I send out.
Step #5:
Save an extra five minutes a day to catch up
I also like letting my subscribers know extra information when I communicate with them.
Each week, I like to send out how our trades are doing, extra lessons on how to optimise our trading and which markets I’m eyeing out for the next profit.
So make sure you can save an extra five minutes out of your day or night, to read through the updates.
Step #6:
Get to know you broker!
The brokers we recommend, I believe, are just the best.
I always recommend to my subscribers to phone their brokers and find out their names and what services they offer to their clients.
This way, you’ll feel more comfortable to give them a ring and tell them to action a trade when you’re away from your computer.
Step #7:
Be patient
The most important step with being a profitable trader, is having patience.
I understand you want to take on as many trades as possible, when you start out.
It is an exciting venture, but it is dangerous to be finger trigger happy.
I believe that quality is more important than quantity. And so, I only like sending our highly profitable trade ideas that I know have the edge over others.
This is what separates the crowd from the pros…
Step #8:
Read through the FREE books we send you
When you join Red Hot Storm Trader, I’ll be sending you two books FREE of charge.
The first is a Quick Start Guide to have everything in order to trade.
And the second is a thoroughly explained book called
“Trading Made Simple”…
Basically, it first introduces you to trading, how it works and how to profit big from small moves.
It then focuses on how I identify trades using a 19 year old proven, back tested, low risk and high reward trading strategy. This way you’ll know exactly how I pick trades that are ripe for the profit.
And if you’re new to trading, then please know that MOST Red Hot Storm Traders were…
But look at them now…
Why “White Petroleum” could make savvy investors a fortune!
Never heard of it?
Well, be prepared… it’s only a matter of time before it becomes as common as the term ‘petrol’ or ‘diesel’…
What will surprise you is it’s not a liquid it’s a metal!
And it’s the world’s lightest metal.
It’s used in the manufacture of aircrafts.
It’s even used to treat mental health illnesses…like bipolar disorder.
And today it helps fuel your phone, laptop, pacemaker and…. the Electric Vehicle.
That’s why it has been dubbed “white petroleum”.
Step #9:
Keep your head up
If you feel you have the passion, dedication and determination to profit from trading – I guarantee you can achieve this...
Each trade, each communication and each update I send, I need you to put in your full concentration in those five to 10 minutes…
It could be all that you need to profit…
Step #10:
Keep at it
I’ve been running  Red Hot Storm Trader since 2013 and I love every minute of it. I just hope and expect that my members will follow me with each trade I get…
It’s the consistency that will make the trader profitable…
So keep at it and let’s profit.
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader  

10 Quick steps to start profiting with Red Hot Storm Trader
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