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13 Quick Questions Mark Needed Answers to Before he Joined Red Hot Storm Trader

by , 09 March 2022
13 Quick Questions Mark Needed Answers to Before he Joined Red Hot Storm Trader
In our QA mailbox this past week...

Q. “Hi Timon, my share portfolio hasn't been doing lekker since the start of Covid and now with Russia at it with the Ukraine, I seriously need to consider diversifying my investments. I've been following you for about 4 and a half years and I'm feeling ready to join Red Hot Storm Trader. However, I have 13 questions
If you can answer them quite briefly.”
~ Mark. V, W

NOTE: You'll find the answers below each question…

Q1. What is Red Hot Storm Trader?

Red Hot Storm Trader (est. 2011) is an online email and SMS service run by me (Timon), to turn everyday market moves into double or triple digit gains often in a matter of days from both local stocks using my one and only proven and profitable 5 pattern breakout pattern strategy.

Q2. What do I get when I sign up?

Weekly Email & SMS Buy & Sell Trade Alerts
› Which markets to buy and sell
› Exact entry & exit price levels
› Easy to visualise chart setups

Weekly Email Trade Updates
› What top trades are lining up
› Lock in trading profits & cut losses
› See how your current trades are performing

Trading Made Simple Guide (PDF)
› How to start & make a success from trading
› How it works & why it works
› Real examples from real recommendations

Red Hot Storm Trader Risk Calculator
› How much to buy or sell with each trade

Recommended Broker Letter (PDF)
› Highly recommended companies
› Fee structure
› Complete features and benefits

Q3. Who is the analyst?

Timon Rossolimos – 19 years’ experience and head of trading for FSPInvest since 2013.

Q4. What will I be trading?

Local JSE Top 40 companies and indices

Q5. What instrument will I trade?

CFDs or Spread Trading

Q6. How much time do I need?

5 minutes a week to action a trade idea.

3 minutes a week to read through market updates and trade adjustments.

Q7. How much money do I need?

I’d say R5,000 to start. This way you can take a number of trading positions without worrying about running out of money.

If you’re serious about trading, then R10,000 and up.

I started with R30,000 in 2003 just FYI.

Q8. What If I am scared to lose money at first?

You can deposit R5,000 in a trading account and then trade on a demo-account, until you have built the confidence you need to trade.

Q9. What device do I need?

Anything: Tablet, phone, laptop or computer

Q9. Which brokers should I use?

We give you a FREE recommended broker letter for you two choose from different reputable and registered brokers.

Q10.    What DON’T I need?

•    Study a chart

•    Buy any special software

•    Have a high education

•    Have a lot of money

Q11.    What trading strategy does Timon use?

A high probability break-out pattern share trading strategy with strict money management rules.

Q12. Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes – 90 Days to ask for a full subscription refund

Q13. How much does it cost?

R3,700 per year


R925 per quarter

Click here to join now…


Click here to read more about Red Hot Storm Trader

Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader


Timon has been on fire in 2022 with his CFD trade ideas

He has banked four winning trades in a row including:


In fact, Timon’s Red Hot Storm Traders have managed to bank a decent 142% gain from the last four trades…

If you played your cards right you could’ve banked an R11,728 profit from just R5,000.

Click here to join Timon’s Red Hot Storm Trader service NOW and never miss a profit trade idea again…

13 Quick Questions Mark Needed Answers to Before he Joined Red Hot Storm Trader
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