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3 Top tips to cut your trading anxiety

by , 24 October 2019
3 Top tips to cut your trading anxiety
“I have started with the MATI Trader System Programme to help me with my trading anxiety.

I just don't know what to do about it. When I take a trade, I am scared of losing money, I lose trust in the system I'm following and I don't trust myself as a trader…

Are there any pointers you have to help with my trading anxiety?”
A. In lesson 4 of the MATI Trader System programme, I go into a lot of detail on how to develop the mindset of a successful trader and how to cut out any trading anxiety.
You see, there was a time between 2008 and 2011 where I was in the exact same situation as you.
I was afraid of losses, never trusted my system and I thought the markets were just out to get me.
I then stopped trading for a while to research what I could do to reduce this feeling.
In those few years of reading and through my journey of trading self-introspection, I found three top tips to cut out my anxiety completely when trading.
Here they are…
Tip #1: Trust your results
You need to develop a system like the MATI Trader System which has a proven and tested track record over the last 5 years.
So make sure you analyse, keep tabs and assess your historical track record.
This will help you prepare for the losses and winners based on how the system worked in the past.
And this will reduce your anxiety because you’ll know what is to come…
Tip #2: Lower your risk or go back to demo trading
Most times you’ll find the main reason for your anxiety is the idea that you can lose money.
So make sure you lower your risk to a level which you can psychologically handle with ease.
In lesson 3 of the programme, you’ll learn my top three money management tips to do just that.
The less money you risk, the less worried you’ll feel when you lose a trade.
Tip #3: Keep reading more on psychology
The best way to really drop that anxious feeling when trading, is to read about how other successful traders overcame their psychological issues when they started out trading.
I would suggest you read “Market Wizards” by Jack D. Schwager, where you’ll see countless interviews with the best traders in the world and how they overcame their hardships and anxiety.
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What a loyal Trading Tips member has to share
“Mine is not a question but a compliment for Timon. I bought your MATI Trader System Programme last week, and in one seating I finished it in just half a day. WOW, man what a great deal of effort you put into compiling this fantastic book, video lessons and calculators.
It solved my biggest problem: Having everything in one place to learn how to trade and profit in an easy way.
My road to successful trading has just begun. And I look forward to my new exciting and profitable hobby with the MATI Trader System.”
REPLY BY TIMON: Thank you Stav, I wish you all the best with your trading and I’ll always be right here to help you speed up your success.
Q. “Timon my million-dollar question with the MATI Trader System programme is… Why is it called MATI?”
A. Ok let’s let the cat of out of the bag…
On a personal note, the ‘MATI’ or the Evil Eye, pays tribute to my Hellenic ancestors who were one of the early pioneers to exchange currency.
I chose this word about thirteen years ago, when the MATI Trader System really started to show consistent portfolio returns. 
I wanted to sum up the system perfectly in just one word. This was when the word “MATI” came to mind. 
With my system, MATI stands for:
Throughout the programme, you’re going to learn to use MOMENTUM to AUTOMATE breakout TRADING signals with just one INDICATOR — price action.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Founder, MATI Trader System
PS: If you have a trading question or you’d like Timon to analyse a chart for you for free, click here to start asking…
URGENT NOTE: Timon, head of trading, is travelling throughout Greece at the moment to work on new ways to improve your trading experience and success. 
Please ask your questions now, so he can answer them in one day this week. Click here now. 

3 Top tips to cut your trading anxiety
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