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4 Days later and a 243.90% gain - In the bag

by , 30 October 2020
4 Days later and a 243.90% gain - In the bag
I just want to fill you in with the potential profits you could have banked in the last month alone.

On 17 September 2020, Trader X spotted that the South African Rand (USD/ZAR) was trading in a range between R16.40 and R17.70 for a couple of months.

On the same day, his 17 year proven trading system alerted the USD/ZAR was dropping in price BUT on weak volume.

This signalled a great buying opportunity, he was not going to let pass.

And without wasting anymore time, he sent out a trade idea to buy the USD/ZAR.

Here was the trade setup:

Five consecutive trades in a row
yielded a massive return on margin of 420.38% 
In only 8 days you could have made a gain of 243.9% from a 1% increase in the Rand Dollar.
In just 23 days, you could have made a 21.98% gain from a stunning long play on GBP/JPY.
With the powerful leverage in pickpocket trading you could have made a 111% gain in just 15 days betting on the pound against the ozzie dollar.
Sound too good to be true? Find out more, here 
BEFORE: 17 September 2020 – LONG USD/ZAR

I will be going long (buying) USD/ZAR
Symbol: USD/ZAR Mini
Entry: 16.4000
Stop loss: 15.5000
Take profit: 17.7000
Margin: 1%
4 Days later and a 243.90% gain – in the bag
Now, Trader X normally would hold a trade for two to three weeks. But not in this case.
In fact, in just four days the rand dropped over 2.4%. It doesn’t sound like a lot, when you think of share price movements, but for a currency - it’s HUGE.
Trader X then knew that he just had to adjust his stop loss, to lock in triple digit gains.
SIDE NOTE: Now that’s what a professional trader does – If I may say so myself.
And so, he adjusted the stop loss to R16.80 which he knew would bank him and his readers a MINIMUM 243% gain should the trade turn against him. Take a look here…
AFTER: 21 September 2020 – CLOSED FOR A PROFIT
As you can see, a few hours later, the price changed direction. 
But luckily for Pickpocket Traders they felt completely secured with their 243% gain extra in the bank…
It’s these kinds of trades that will make you wish you started trading earlier…
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How to profit from Trader X’s next triple digit gain
If these are the kinds of gains you’ve been looking for, then you’re at the right place.
All you have to do, to profit from the next double or triple digit gain, is to join our exclusive community of Pickpocket Traders.
You will get three months to try out the service at its fullest, for FREE.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing Editor, Trading Tips

4 Days later and a 243.90% gain - In the bag
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