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4 Fatal Mistakes Traders Make

by , 28 April 2022
4 Fatal Mistakes Traders Make
Raise your hand if you lost money in the markets?

I know I did in 2004 up to 2008.

It was because I kept making the same old mistakes newbies make.
4 Years!

Funny thing. I already had a winning trading strategy that was working on a consistent basis on paper. And yet, I was failing as a trader.

That was until, I started talking to top traders.

From Peter L. Brandt multi-US millionaire trader, to Steven Covey. And South African top trader Igor Marinkovic and a variety of traders groups.

The top 4 fatal trading mistakes were identified, and my portfolio started to grow.

I want you to read this article carefully, because it could help speed-up your trading success by preventing these mistakes.


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Fatal Mistake #1: Depending on the media
We wake up, pick up our phones and head straight to Bloomberg or CNBC.

We ask ourselves, “What events and announcements did we miss?”

Next thing we know, we want to buy or sell based on what was just announced.

Here are a few headlines I just searched now, which I’m sure rattled a few traders.   

“China’s lockdown could signal the next US stock crash”.

“Are vaccinations immune to the new Covid-19 variant?”



After reading these, I’m sure you would be thinking what are the stocks to sell or short. Am I right?

And yet, the markets continue to make higher highs. The JSE in 2022 went from 66,000 up to 71,000 (7.5% rise).

You see, the news is designed to get your attention and draw a reaction.

And this is a big mistake…

You need to remember something.

When a news announcement is released, millions of other traders all over the world have read it too.

And the market has already factored in this information.

So, bottom line I don’t have the TV on or any news sites open.

No… Instead
I use a system to trade on the market’s unpredictable reaction to the news. I stick to my strategy and ignore the noise…

Fatal Mistake #2: They blame everyone and their mothers
As an experienced trader, I’ve come to realise that…

Every action I take, I am responsible.

Whatever you choose to do with your trading and whatever happens to your portfolio, is because of the actions you take.

But new traders like to play the blame game when they lose a trade.

They blame their friends or acquaintances for telling them what to buy or sell.

They blame their mentors for teaching them systems where they incurred losses.

They blame the weather, their dogs and even their children from the distractions.

When the truth is, no one is forcing you to do anything.

Every trading decision you make, win or lose, is all on you.

You know you can’t win every trade.

It is your sole responsibility to take responsibility when you have taken a loss.

Don’t ever make the mistake of blaming some one or some thing…  

Does 77.78% trading accuracy interest you?
A 20 year, low risk, proven and tested pattern trading system has made this possible:

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3.    With both rising and falling markets (it doesn’t matter).
4.    With 152% accumulated gains you can bank in 1 quarter.

And each trade has at least 77.78% accuracy rate!

This system is now available to you. To prove how accurate this is, I’m going to give you the entire trading system to see how profitable it is, risk-free. Once you start, you’ll never stop using it…

Fatal Mistake #3: You “talk” more than you “do”
I have members who’ve been a fan of Trading Tips for the last 8 years, and have still not taken a single trade.

These are the typical reasons:

1. “I’ll start next month”
2. “I’ll wait for the market to correct before I trade”
3. “I’m stressed with work and family”


Life is always going to have new problems, stresses and issues.

And this will extend your delays and increase the number of excuses you’ll make with any new hobby.

You just need to sit down and say to yourself. I am just going to start now and small, and I’ll let the rest take care of itself.

If you haven’t done so already. I want you to stop everything right now or later today and just DO something…

•    Open a trading account
•    Learn a trading strategy I.e. MATI Trader System to cut out the long learning process.
•    Watch a few trading videos, starting with this playlist.

And you’ll find you’ll feel more accomplished and proud of the fact, you took action.

Fatal Mistake #4: No consistent method or guide to follow
Our job as a trader is to turn chaos into order.

The power of one.

One strategy to trade a number of different financial markets.

One time frame to focus on when dealing with time periods.

One mentor at a time to learn from, see how they trade and who has your best interest at heart and someone that will help guide you through every step of the way.

This way you’ll know what to follow every time and what to do to avoid huge losses.

I’m inviting you to help skip the steep learning curve, steep school fees and get you on track to becoming a consistent trader once and for all.

If you join me, I’ll also send out the next 26 trades for FREE. That’s how much I believe this will make you a consistently profitable trader.

4 Fatal Mistakes Traders Make
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