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An interview with South Africa's top Breakout Trader

by , 05 May 2022
An interview with South Africa's top Breakout Trader
Last week, I flew to South Africa to catch up with friends and relatives.

I'm thrilled to have also have flown with my lovely girlfriend, so I can show her around this beautiful country.

Compared to chilly Greece, the weather has been perfect and it's been incredible being back to friendly faces, open air, amazing food and a lekker Jozie spirit!

Any way last week Friday, I decided to phone my publisher.

She is the reason for Trading Tips and Morning Morning's existence today.

After over 20 years of running the successful business, helping hundreds of thousands of members grow their wealth and still have the burning desire to help others, it always feels like talking to a mirror.

We got chatting and she asked me how I got started in trading - something I had not yet shared with her.

When she heard my story, she urged me to share it as she is sure it could help you, if you're just starting out in the world of trading…

So here it is.
Annabel: So Timon, you’ve been head trader at FSPInvest.co.za for over eight years and clearly your track record with your trader services and content, speak for themselves.

Congrats on those 6 winning trades in a row, I’m sure many of your members started the year on a strong and confident note.

I’m surprised after 18 years, you still have this urge to help others learn how to trade with success and consistency.

I’ve never asked before but… What first got you into trading?

Timon: Eight years at FSPInvest.

Feels like yesterday I walked into your office giving ideas on the first day for what I would like to share to South Africa and the world.

Going back to your question, I’ll start off with a story from when I was 16.

I remember sitting down at a restaurant having a meal when a tall, smartly dressed man in a suit walked by.

He was holding this big black box and asked if I was interested to find out what was in it?!

I said yes, as curiosity took over…

He asked me if I’d like the power to make money using a completely unconventional way.

I was sold immediately and so I bought it.

The box contained several books and a CD at that time. For the next six months, I went through all of the material in minute details, relistening and rereading the books before I made my first trade.

I can still remember the exhilaration of making that first trade.

And after that, I was hooked, and I knew this was something I wanted to make a career of.

And here I am now, living my best life, spending summers in Greece and summers in SA – having the option of following the sun all year round thanks to trading.

Annabel: I’ve never met a trader more in tune with helping people get their mind set right and why it plays an important role.

Why do you focus so much on trading mindsets?

Timon: I believe, the psychology of trading is probably the most important aspect to become a confident and successful trader.

Even if you have the most bullet proof trading system in the world with a high win rate and high success rate, if you can’t keep your emotions in check when you win or lose, I guarantee your subjective mind will take over and you’ll want to go against your strategy as you believe you know better than the system.

If you read a book like “Market Wizards”, by Jack Schwager, you’ll see that when he interviews top traders, they hardly ever bring up their systems.
Instead, they talk about more important things like, money management, trading psychology, mindset control through breathing and meditation.

Once you get your mind right, everything will be smooth sailing.

Annabel: I’ve noticed you’ve stuck to your guns with trading CFDs and CFDs only.

Even though there are other instruments like futures, shares, warrants and options, why do you only trade CFDs?

Timon: The instruments you’ve mentioned, work for some and have made countless traders a passive income over decades.

With Contracts for Difference (CFDs) I just understand the instrument better than the others.

For one, CFDs don’t expire – so I don’t need to worry about paying any more broker fees in each trade.

Second, it’s also dependent on the brokers you choose. Each broker offers different instruments. My broker happens to offer CFDs only.

And as I have been loyal to mine for almost two decades, it’s another reason I trade CFDs.

Third, CFDs are a revolutionary way to trade the markets. I trade them because I can gain control of a huge sum of money and only pay a fraction of the price for it.

Fourth, CFDs work on a 1:1 basis… This means, the price of the market on an underlying share and the price of the CFD (market based on the underlying share) is the same. I don’t need to do any more calculations to work out any prices.

I can go on and on, why I prefer CFDs but I know we don’t have all day.

Annabel: I’m curious. I know you have this very powerful 10 year, low risk breakout trading system, which you’re now offering to our members at FSPInvest.co.za.

Thank you for giving them the opportunity to have your system, I know most traders keep it to themselves and don’t wish fortunes on others.

So you have your trading system. Do you still pay attention to the mainstream news?

Timon: Hahaha, would it surprise you if I said yes?

Annabel: Actually, yes I would be quite surprised!

Timon: Well, the answer is YES.

I love to keep up to date with world news, markets and emerging developments in technology and financial markets.

It’s the best way to know what is going on now, what is coming next and what is to be expected in the future.

This way, I’ll be able to evolve with my trading without being completely ignorant with what’s happening the world.


I am a system trader so I follow strict criteria whenever I place trades.

So all the media, hype and other forms of influence bear no weight on the decisions I make with my trading strategy.

I guess as a precaution, I like to look at the SENS (Stock Exchange News Service) statements, to keep track of any major news announcements from companies on the JSE.

Then there is one main news influence factor that I account for when trading Forex.

I avoid opening any Forex trades around major economic news releases such as the Unemployment figures and non-farm payrolls (on the first Friday of the month).

I’ve seen major short term fluctuations in the markets, which can wreak havoc for Forex traders.

You can never be certain what the results will be so I avoid trading during these news announcements.

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Annabel: You’ve been extremely consistent with your breakout patterns. I think you have about seven now, If I’m not mistaken.

Most traders are consistently changing from price to candles to moving averages to even cloud indicators…

Could you tell me a bit about your consistent strategy and why you believe it works?

Timon: Trading is a self-introspection journey.

Only you can find which trading style defines your personality. You need to know what kind of risk you can handle, how much time you want to be in the markets for and how many trades you want to take a day.  

My style is called break-out trading using 4-hour and daily charts.

It’s based on the idea of the price of a market breaking out of a certain level, which is where we enter.

We will then follow the direction until it hits a certain point (where either we take a small loss or a big gain).

I believe any trading strategy or style can work as long as it fits your character and you have very strict rules in place.

Annabel: Finally, you said you’re happy to share your trading strategy to the world.

You believe there is so much money, that we should all be able to grow our wealth as easily as you have done in the last two decades.

Do you have a link that they can read the very basics of your trading course and programme which members can download the books, watch the videos and work through your trading calculators.

Timon: Yes, I have just created one recently which gets straight to the point… Thank you for the chat and catch up, I will be flying next week but we should do this again soon Annabel.

The members can sign up using this link by clicking here…

Annabel: Thank you Timon. I’m sure you’re going to help a ton of our readers become very wealth with your easy step by step trading master course.


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An interview with South Africa's top Breakout Trader
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