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Bank 210.15% gains from my recent lunch conversation with this Forex trader

by , 13 February 2014

Trading and investing is difficult. But it's only tough if you don't have the experience.

That's why people rely on mentors to guide them through the markets, to help build that experience to improve their skills - especially if they're just starting out.

The thing is, there are tons of mentors out there... But only a handful of truly good ones...

And after a recent lunch conversation with one of the best traders I know, you now have the opportunity to learn how to bank gains of 210.15% from Timon Rossolimos.

On the 1st of March Timon will host a Forex seminar teaching you how to become a profitable trader within a day.

At the lunch, I got insights into what makes a good trader, and what you'll learn from his seminar...

Here are just some of the questions...
Timon, what made you want to become a trader in the first place?   
I remember sitting at a restaurant when I was just 16. A tall man wearing a formal suit approached me with a mysterious black box. 
He asked me if I would like the power to make money using a completely different approach to conventional methods. 
I was instantly hooked. And without hesitation I bought the big box. 
It was called the London School of Investments trading package, which had some software and three detailed books. I spent hours reading through it every day. 
I read through it thoroughly for about six months before I made my first trade. And since then, my passion for trading has only grown. 
You’ve traded for a decade, and the thing you always keep saying is how important the mind is when trading. Why?
The psychology of trading is the most important aspect to becoming a successful trader. 
I believe that the right mental attitude should be over 80% of a trading strategy.
People can have the most bullet proof trading systems in the world, but if they can’t keep their emotions in check, I guarantee you they’ll lose all their money!
One of the top trading books I’ve read on trading psychology that should be on your reading list is Jack Schwager – “Market Wizards”. 
He goes around the world interviewing the top traders around. Never once will you hear them talk about their system but rather about their money management rules and psychology when they trade, as these are what are most important to a top trader. 
There are countless things you can trade, why do you enjoy Forex?
The beauty about trading forex is that no matter where I am in the world, I can trade Forex and look at the same currency pairs that every forex trader looks at in the world. You don’t have to worry about a currency crumpling or going bankrupt like you do with shares.
It’s a 24 hours-a-day, five days a week market, so I don’t ever have to worry about holding my Forex trade overnight because I can always get out of the market if a black swan decides to drop in on the world. 
Another reason that I like Forex is that it fits with my winning strategy and that in a $5 trillion a day market, you can be certain that the market will trend on a daily basis! 
What style of trading do you use to make your profits?
Let me first say that your trading personality is everything. It defines your trading style, what you can handle and what you can’t. 
My style is called break-out trading. It’s based on the idea of following momentum that’s established in the market through specific charting setups. 
I believe any trading strategy or style can work as long as it fits your character and you have very strict rules in place.
In your Forex seminar, what will people learn?
The question you should’ve asked is “what WON’T people learn?
I will cover all the essentials you’ll need to be a successful Forex trader…
In fact, I have seven goals for the day…
Goal #1: Introduce to you the biggest market in the world and how you can take a bite out of it,. 
Goal #2: I’ll explain how the Forex market works, all the terms you’ll need to know in a simple but understandable manner and when, what and how to trade Forex.
Goal #3: We’ll then dig into the ‘personality side’ of things where you’ll discover your trading attitude and what will suite you best as a forex trader such as, your risk appetite, your best time frame and how to manage your trading positions easily.
Goal #4: I’ll teach you the ins and out of my entire forex methodology. 
Goal #5: Teach you the three most essential money management tips I’ve ever come across in my ten years of trading. 
Goal #6: You’ll get a trading checklist which you can use for every time you take on a forex trade.
Goal #7: You’ll learn from my novice mistakes when I just started trading which cost me over R100,000, so that you won’t have to make them.
Here’s where you can find Timon
It’s not every day you can learn from a profitable trader. So if you want to find out how you can make profits from trading forex, don’t miss his forex trading seminar on March the 1st. 
He’ll be giving you all the tools to get your trading started, and the secrets beginner traders simply must know to unlock the profit potential of trading!
To give a more personal experience seats are very limited. So click here to secure your ticket to trading success today! 
Thrive in your possibilities,
Jonathan Bachrach

Bank 210.15% gains from my recent lunch conversation with this Forex trader
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