Bitcoin is set to go to an all-time high! Don't miss this

by , 21 September 2017
Bitcoin is set to go to an all-time high! Don't miss this
To think, last year I gave a target for Bitcoin going from $500 to $800.
And today we're looking at Bitcoin at $4,200!

And for the last eight days Bitcoin has “crashed” 12%.

Investors and traders are feeling the pressure and are worried it's a bubble waiting to pop.

But I'm grinning and ignoring the sentiment.

In fact, I'm nearly ready to pile into Bitcoin and hold to its new all-time high.
Here's why…

Why I expect a quick 12% rise in Bitcoin in the next two months!

Looking at the six month, Bitcoin chart, you can see the price has been squeezing down into what’s called a pennant.
A pennant in technical analysis terms is a triangular continuation pattern which most times breaks to the upside.
It’s a continuation pattern because the overall trend in the last three months has been up.
And for the last 10 days, the digital currency has been correcting itself before the break to the upside.  
And this normal correction is scaring newbie investors and traders, making them think there is going to be a crash.
So, once it breaks out of the pennant formation, the first target will be set to $4,770 which is at the top of the pattern.
And that’s not all…
Bitcoin will then have entered into an even stronger bull market (uptrend) which could result in it soaring to highs you can only imagine. 

Unbelievable: I found a guy who successfully built a multi-million rand empire and asked him to be my mentor
So here’s what to do if you want to profit from this rise?
It’s easy to just tell you where you can buy Bitcoin and how you can profit, but I have two problems.
Problem #1: I know you won’t take action and make a profit from Bitcoin not because you don’t trust the analysis but because you probably need to understand this revolutionary investment better. 
Problem #2: You feel you won’t be guided exactly on how to get into these Crypto currencies going forward.
And so, I’m only going to give you one thing today to start your profitable Crypto-currency journey.
A free book which will explain absolutely EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to know about these digital currencies.
I’m only going to provide this link for a short period of time because we have a max limit we can accept.
So claim it now if this is the new revolutionary way you’d like to invest for your financial future. 

Before you go: Joshua Benton (Investment Director at South African Investor) has been working with one of the top crypt currency experts, Sam Volkering.  Sam was one of the first investors in Crypto investing in it when it was just $12.  He’s just completed a book titled – The Crypto Revolution which Josh has managed to secure free copies together with his number one crypto currency to profit from. 



Bitcoin is set to go to an all-time high! Don't miss this
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