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Did you miss my first prediction on the SP500? Here's my next one...

by , 01 December 2021
Did you miss my first prediction on the SP500? Here's my next one...
In July this year, I pinpointed 3 green lights for its rally to 4,600. And have you seen recently it's been trading at around 4,681

The price has shot right through the price target and then some.

At first, I was going to just bank my profits and run…

However, I've just been alerted another 3 MAJOR buying signals.

And now my SP500 price target just got bigger, better and even more profitable…

You don't want to miss this…
      Revealed: South Africa’s 2022 ‘wealth accelerators
If you want a realistic shot at growing wealth in 2022, here’s the first thing you need to know:
Making real money has nothing to do with how fast the economy is growing, where interest rates are headed or where we are in the business cycle.
The truth is, REAL wealth creation is driven by something else entirely.
It’s what happens when a certain kind of business can, not only grow your capital but your income too, irrespective of what is going on in the market.
I call these types of companies ‘wealth accelerators’.
And, I’d like to tell you all about them today.
Each one is small, not necessarily well known but absolutely ripe with potential.
And each of them has the potential to make substantial gains in a short time period.
This signed and passed $1 trillion package is about to cause a major SP500 rally
Just so you know…
The S&P 500, is a stock market index that tracks the stock performance of 500 of the largest companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.
This year, it’s been an absolute star.
The S&P500 has posted 64 record high closes in 2021. And it’s up 25% this year!
On Friday the U.S House of Representatives finally passed the infrastructure bill of more than $1 trillion.
This package was first passed by the senate in August who sent the legislation to President Joe Biden for his signature.
Just so you know. The $1 trillion package is going to help provide for transportation, utilities, broadband and other infrastructure projects.
Investors have waited for this type of bill for decades And now it’s being passed, it could be a major catalyst for stocks to pick up.
We’ve had a major rally already with construction and infrastructure related companies.
Since the passing of the bill:
  • Caterpillar Ltd has risen over 4%
  • Deere, heavy equipment producer, is up over 2%
  • Global X, U.S Infrastructure Development ETF hit an all-time high on Monday
  • United Rentals, Martin Marietta, Freeport-McMo-Ran, Vulcan, Nucor and Jacobs Engineering are also some of the top gainers on the index.

This is clearly a bullish (positive) sign for the sector. And with the bill in play, we will continue seeing buying. And this will help push up the S&P 500 further.
Jobs are coming back at an alarming rate
Now when an infrastructure stimulus package is passed, this helps boost the economy in many other ways.
First more jobs mean more revenue inflow, more confidence in the economy as well as high growth prospects for the future.
And these all-signal great opportunities for both international and foreign direct investment. Especially in the SP500 with 500 of the most traded companies in America.
Consequently, the jobs report that was released on Friday, came out a lot better than economists predicted.
According to the Labour Department, the U.S Payrolls added 531,000 jobs last month.
Here’s what Marko Kolanovic, JP Morgan, said in a note last week regarding the report.
"We expect equities to continue to climb the 'wall of worry', as risks look largely priced in and showing signs of improvement".
The fundamental signs are looking strong and the analysts and economists are agreeing…
But most important, the charts are still pointing to a screaming buy…
Let’s see.
Why this Rising Channel is telling me the SP500 is heading higher

In the above daily chart of the SP500 (US500), you can see the price has been moving up a strong Rising Channel since October 2020 (shaded area).
Then in September through to October, the price moved through a sideways channel. In fact, the price kept bouncing on a low and kept hitting a ceiling level at 4,558.
For some reason, the sellers just wouldn’t let the bulls (buyers) drive the price up any longer.
That was until November 2021.
With the reasons I mentioned today, it looks like the view is still very bullish and investors will continue to buy up the SP500.
If all goes well, we can expect the price target to reach the next high point of the Rising Channel.
Which in this case, my next price target will be at 5,085.
A cool 63.39% in 9 days…
For the next three months, I would like to show you how to make regular gains like this... 63.39% in just 9 days!
These aren’t “would’ve could’ve should’ve gains”. They’re real recommendations I sent out to my readers.
You probably know this company well. Anglo American is a long established South African resources company.  
On a Tuesday my system popped up Anglo American on my screen.
I ran it through my proprietary 5-step safety check-list that aims to make maximum profits with minimum risk (I’ll tell you more about these safety measures in a moment).
Sure enough, this trade fit my strict criteria perfectly.
So when Anglo American hit that specific price, I sent out an alert:
Actionable instructions that anyone – even a pupil in Grade 8 – could read to a broker.
Fast-forward 9 days and Anglo American rose to R674.00, And my risk management meter indicated I should exit the trade.
So I sent another note to my readers:
That’s how my subscribers made 63.39% in just 9 days!
If you’d have put just R5,000 into this trade, you would have gotten R8,169
All in just 9 days from this one trade!
Here’s how to profit from the 527point SP500 rally
First, I’ll buy the S&P500 CFDs and hold it until it hits my price target of 5,085.
Second, you can follow me as I look into local companies that rally when the S&P500 goes up. Read more here

Did you miss my first prediction on the SP500? Here's my next one...
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