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Discover how you can make a 270% gain in the South African financial sector in just six months

by , 15 July 2014

I keep seeing bad news infiltrating the markets.

You can't wake up without reading about the strikes, petrol price and consumer price hikes and so many other economic issues.

But I refuse to be the bearer of bad news.

Because despite all of the horrid news, the financial sector keeps making all-time highs!

And going through the charts of the companies in the financial sector, I see a fantastic profit opportunity lining up for you which could bank you a 270% gain in the next six months!

Let's get to it!
This largest funder of healthcare in South Africa is ready to rush up!

Discovery as you now is one of the top 40 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the JSE ticker DSY.  It employs over 8,000 people and operates in countries like South Africa, the UK and China.

And looking at future prospects for Discovery, it looks like they’re about to expand even further!.

In fact, Discovery plans to buy a 25% stake in Hollard for R325 million, which will make it possible for Discovery to create even more innovative and integrated products.

The financial directors are extremely optimistic about this acquisition. Because if this expansion project plays out as planned, then you can see its share price soaring very soon…

And reading this news, got me very excited to look at how Discovery’s chart is looking.

And as a technical analyst it’s telling me that Discovery’s price is about to shoot up big time.

Let me show you what I see!

Discovery is ready to bank you an insane gain of 270% in the next six months!

Take a look at the weekly chart of Discovery (DSY). You can clearly see the most recent high point and low point in the chart. (High point = R93.54 and Low point = R73.32).

The high point is a very strong level that the price has battled to break through.

But in the last few weeks it’s smashed above the high point, which means one thing!

Using the high and low points, it looks like Discovery has gained enough momentum to carry on its prior uptrend.

And looking at my calculations, it looks like Discovery is ready to shoot up to R113.76 in the next six months…

Here’s the calculation so you can see how I calculated this target level.

= (High point – Low point) + High point
= (R93.54 – R73.32) + R93.54
= R113.76 (27%).

How you can bank 270% gain on Discovery from a 27% move!

With the beauty of geared instruments like CFDs or Single Stock Futures, you can make magnified returns.

When you buy a geared instrument, you’re basically able to be exposed to a lot more money and only have to put in a tiny fraction of the amount…

So if you bought Discovery CFD and the gearing was 10, then you’ll be exposed to 10 times more than just buying ordinary Discovery shares.

Please note: In any market, the opposite can occur where the market can move against you, so make sure you employ extremely strict money management principles should this happen…

Always remember,
“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Discover how you can make a 270% gain in the South African financial sector in just six months
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