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Don't let these 3 stumbling blocks hold you back from trading success!

by , 05 March 2013

Most people tend to make excuses why they haven't started trading, saying things like:

“I don't have enough money to trade”, “I'm not smart enough”, “I don't have enough time in the day to think about trading.”

Have you said the above sometime in your life?

If you have don't worry, most traders think these things at one stage or another.

But one thing to remember is that each day you make these excuses is a trading day you lose. Another day you miss out on financial freedom…
But today I'm going to tell you how to overcome these stumbling blocks that stop people from exploiting the full potential of stock-market profits.
Stumbling Block #1 – “I don’t have enough money to start trading?”
Many people that want to start trading, feel they don’t have enough money.
You hear things like how they can’t afford to pay the costs on the stock-exchange and pay all those brokers commission let alone forking out the starting capital necessary to get going…
But I have very good news for you today!
You see, nowadays you don’t need a lot of money to start trading. In fact, all you need is less than one month of grocery money!
A mere R1000.00 is enough to start trading!
That’s no joke!
Starting with only R1,000.00, you can trade the most efficient and liquid market in the world.
That’s the Forex market. It has hardly any start-up costs. It also has ultra-low trading costs and virtually unrivalled ease of trading through your home computer.
If you worried you don’t have enough money to get started trading, Forex is the perfect place to start.
Now, let’s see if we can tackle the next stumbling block…
Stumbling Block #2 – “I don’t have the time to trade!”
Whenever I hear a prospective trader tell me they don’t have the time to start trading I ask them this:
“Is there no way you can save 25 minutes a day?”
You see, with a mere 25 minutes a day you CAN get started trading easily. In that time frame you can look for a trade, place one if necessary or just wait for tomorrow’s possible profit opportunity. And think about it, freeing up 25 minutes a day is easy.
Free up 25 minutes a day and start making trading profits!
Skip one episode of a meaningless series or sitcom and you’ve saved up 30 minutes in your day!
Prepare your lunch the night before which should save you another 10 minutes a day.
Spend a little less time on Facebook, emails and your phone and you could easily save up 25 minutes a day!
It doesn’t matter what you do, just remember how easy it is to save up 25 minutes a day – and what the benefits of that could be to you financially.
That’s literally all the time you need to get started trading.
Stumbling Block #3 – “I don’t have the inside connections or knowhow to trade”
Many traders and analysts spend years studying to become successful traders. And I understand how you could feel hopeless, having to compete against them…
But you shouldn’t!
The fact is, today, you have access to so many information sources. You can gain at least as much knowledge as the experts from the comfort of your own home!
With the internet at your fingertips, you don’t need to go to libraries or even Exclusive Books anymore to enhance your knowledge!
The web allows you to learn from the world’s most successful traders with the simple click of a mouse.
Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to be the most well connected in the know person to trade successfully. You just need to get connected and do a little research online.
I hope you can see, it really is possible to overcome these three stumbling blocks and get started becoming a successful trader.
And remember, every day you wait is a day you’re not making gains on the markets…

If you're interested in learning more about trading, I highly suggest you take a look at Warren Jeffery's Capital Wave Trader service. With Capital Wave Trader, Warren uses his proven momentum strategy to identify a consistent stream of profitable trades.

Don't let these 3 stumbling blocks hold you back from trading success!
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