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Don't make another trading resolution until you've answered this one question!

by , 12 January 2016

Before you write down your trading resolutions for 2016, you need to first do something for yourself.

I call it the post-success-resolutions.

This is where you'll jot down your before and after results to see how far you've come in the last year.

It can be as complicated as you want it to be. But I like to keep things simple.

Let’s say my goal for 2015 was to lose five kilograms.

In my post-success-resolutions chart I’ll write it down.

Before: 94kg and After: 87kg. I know this is a bit more than five kilograms, but I achieved my goal in 2015. And so I’ll tick it off the list. 

We all make these amazing resolutions, which prepares us for the New Year. 
But now ask yourself. 
Have you achieved your goals? If not, then read on to make sure you do this time.

Now let’s put in some before and after trading post-success-resolutions

Let’s say your goal is to end up positive for the year in your trading account.

Before Portfolio value: R35,000
After Portfolio value: R40,000

If you’re a beginner trader, just being positive in your trading account at the end of the year is a HUGE success.

It means that you can do it. And the next year, you can focus on following your exact same strategy and even put in more money into your account.

Make sure you end up positive and in the green at the end of the year. That is all.

If you end up positive for the year, you would have achieved only what 5% of traders achieve.

Positive results!

To end positive, you need to achieve your trading resolutions

When you find the time to analyse the markets to look for high probability trades, make sure you write down your:
  • Trading setup reasons why you’re getting into your trade
  • Entry levels
  • Risk levels and rules to mitigate your risks
  • Take profit levels
I’ve created a little tool you can use to jot in all of your trades, so you can monitor them on a weekly basis. Click here, to start recording your trades.

Don’t take this lightly, if you’re serious about retiring in the next couple of years

You need to see trading as a business. And if you do it correctly, it will be the most fun business you’ve ever done.

Because over the next couple of years, you’ll see your positive results starts to accelerate. And the only regret you’ll have, is not doing it earlier.

So jot down your before resolutions and make sure there is an after tab as well. This will help you keep on track to achieving the retirement you deserve.

And if you’d like to speed up way ahead of the curve and have three top trades in your portfolio, before the New Year even begins then you’ll love this report… Click here, for The Top Trades for 2016.

Always remember,
Wisdom yields Wealth

Timon Rossolimos


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Don't make another trading resolution until you've answered this one question!
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