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Forget about paying expensive software for trading Forex when you can have everything for free!

by , 22 February 2017
Forget about paying expensive software for trading Forex when you can have everything for free!
I'm often asked “What is the best Forex software to buy?”

And I always tell them the same answer.

None - You don't have to pay anything, when you can gain access to trading platforms for FREE.

Let me explain…

The trading platform that all the pros use, is yours for FREE

Whether you’ve just started trading Forex, or you’ve dabbled a bit now and then, there are companies (registered and unregistered) trying to sell you their “Holy-grail” softwares’.
These softwares’ can range anything from R8,000 up to R25,000 a year.
And guess why these softwares’ are so expensive?
Easy, because the IT boffins and creators need to make their bank somehow.
And they do this by marketing:
How they can “predict” the Forex market
The “top-notch” formulas’
The hot off the press technology
But let’s be honest. In a $5.3 trillion per day industry, you need to ask yourself.
How can you predict a market that has millions of different buys and sells at any one time. And when you have unprecedented fundamentals (news) events that are not available to the public until they’re released.
And more importantly…
Why would they be selling their programmes at such a high price when they can be profiting from it?
And how many stories have you heard where people have become millionaires from these trading softwares?
Very few… And the few that did bank those kind of numbers either had a lot of money to start out with or, it was a flook.
I’m not saying these programmes won’t make you money, I’m just asking you why pay something at such a high price when you can access it for free?

Here’s how to access the best trading platforms for free

Well there are many trading platforms that brokers distribute when you sign up with them.
These trading platforms have everything you can think of: 
Real time charts
Price types
Formulas’ to make your own indicators
Forums where traders distribute their special indicator formulaes
And not just that. There are billions and billions of rands spent EVERY SINGLE YEAR to improve these programmes and keep them up to date with technology.
When you’re looking for your broker, make sure you review their programme.
You need to look for the following: 
An easy to use charting platform
A portfolio and loss summary for your open and closed trades
A trading box that will calculate exactly how much money you’ll need to put into your trade, how much you can win and how much you can lose.
A highly regulated platform that is used by not a few hundred but by MILLIONS of Forex traders.
Once you have a trading platform with all of the above, that’s not the end of it.
You’ll then need to have a proven Forex strategy, essential money management rules and psychology tips to develop the mind of a successful trader.  

Kicking off 2017 with a free platform and a winning trading strategy

I’m going to give you all the necessary tools you’ll need to have a profitable strategy that you can use to profit from the Forex market this year.
In fact, the strategy I will share is one I’ve used myself for the past 13 years.
It’s delivered me a 62.5% consistent win-rate.
But you don’t need to take my word for it, here’s what a few loyal subscribers have said…
“My first trade gave me R35,000 exluding my initial investment. I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money” – V.N
“I became a subscriber last month and already made R10,000 in profits!” A
“I made a 21% return and R3,000 in a few days. Thank you.” S.V
“According to my calculations, I’ve just made 154% over the last two months. Thank you and keep up the good work!” T.S
I only ask you for three things. Your passion, determination and understanding of the realities of trading.

Forget about paying expensive software for trading Forex when you can have everything for free!
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