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How Pickpocket Trader helped me make a lot of money… Vaccines, the Oil Price and more…

by , 26 November 2020
How Pickpocket Trader helped me make a lot of money… Vaccines, the Oil Price and more…
Q. “Timon you mentioned in Monday's article that the two new vaccines are good for an oil price hike.

Could you tell me a few reasons why this would be the case?
A. Yes absolutely. First of all, I’ve always found oil to be one of the leading economic indicators.
And this is because oil is used in just about any industry. Especially when it comes to transport, manufacturing, production and travel.
Here are my three reasons why the vaccines will help boost the oil price:
Reason #1:
We’ve seen oil rally over 11% since the vaccine news was announced. This tells me that investors and traders are buying oil, which is pushing the price up, as there is an influx of demand…
Reason #2:
The vaccines are just a few months away from being distributed. And as we start to regain confidence that the pandemic days are numbered, we’ll start to see both social and commercial travel operate once again.
When this happens, we’ll expect more spending and demand for fuel and oil. And this will of course, boost the oil price.
Reason #3:
Not only will we see an increase in travel, we’ll also have businesses and companies re-opening their doors.
And whether they’re manufacturing, producing or just running electricity for their business – this all requires demand for oil and fuel.
And what about trade? I’m sure the lock down restrictions will start to ease where countries will be able to import and export goods once again.
With just these two vaccinations it’s enough for us to see good signs for both local and global economies start to pick up and for the oil price to rally.
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What a Pickpocket Trader has to say:
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Q. "When I buy CFDs on international stocks, does this mean I own the shares?"
A. Unfortunately not. When you buy CFDs, you never own any underlying market.  
With share CFDs, you won't own a part of the company. And you won't be able to receive actual dividends, vote or attend any AGMs. 
The reason is – because a CFD is a financial derivative.
When you buy/sell a CFD you enter into an agreement with your broker (CFD provider) to gain exposure of a number of the underlying (derived) shares, without actually owning it. 
They are just offering you exposure to the shares…
The only thing you can do when you buy share CFDs, is you can speculate and profit (from the exposure you’re given) from the open price of your trade up to its closing price.  
As short term traders, we aren’t interested in voting or attending any AGMS. We only worry about the short term price fluctuations and how to profit from them.
In fact, Trader X with Pickpocket Trade and myself with Red Hot Storm Trader – we don’t want to hold any positions for more than a month… We just want to wait to take the money off the table as we see the opportunities line up…
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos, 
Managing Editor, Trading Tips

How Pickpocket Trader helped me make a lot of money… Vaccines, the Oil Price and more…
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