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How the falling oil price will bank you a 233% gain in under two months!

by , 07 January 2015

Oil is well on its way down, and the on-going wars between oil producers don't look like they're going to end just yet...

But - This is perfect for traders like you…

Less than four months ago, Sasol was trading at R637.00 a share and has since plummeted to R400.00 - A mind-blowing 37% fall in the share price in only a matter of months!

But, looking at the charts, I expect the next target to be much further down at R299.00.

Here's how you can rake in the profits…

Sasol dropped R237 in under 4 months – And still has more to go!

From the middle of September, Sasol began its free-fall due to the huge drop in the price of oil.

And, with no positive outlook for an oil price recovery, the fundamentals behind Sasol still point down.

From the technical side, you’ll be excited to know that another selling opportunity has presented itself, and has all the green lights necessary.

See what I mean in the chart here:

Looking at the chart, Sasol traded between R390 and R460 during December last year.  

How you can jump on Sasol to bank yourself a 233% gain!

So, where and when would I get in?

Well, you might think why not just get in now?

But before that, I would need confirmation that the trend will continue.

For this to happen, the share price must open below the R390.00, and I would then enter according to my strategy. I then expect price to reach R299.00 within two months!

That’s a 23% fall in the share price - And, if you’re trading CFDs with a gearing of 1:10, your profits are ten times bigger!

That’s a whopping 233% gain on margin!

Have a look at this chart here to see these levels:
So, keep Sasol on your watch list, and you can bank a huge 233% gain on margin!

“Steady grind makes a winning mind”.

Mark Riskowitz
Trading Analyst, Money Morning

How the falling oil price will bank you a 233% gain in under two months!
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