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How to calculate your monthly income when trading

by , 03 June 2020
How to calculate your monthly income when trading
“Hi Timon, I'm looking to risk around 4% per losing trade to make 6% per winning trade on average.

According to my backtested strategy, I should make 5 winning trades and 5 losing trades per month.

Could you please tell me what percentage return I should expect per month, given the above trade specifics?”

A. To find out the percentage you expect to gain per month, we’ll use what I call the Monthly Income calculation.
(If you’d like to skip the calculation, you can head to the bottom of the answer to download the calculator).
Here’s the calculation we’ll use:
Expected monthly gain = [(GAIN % per winner X No. of winning trades) – (LOSS % per loser X No. of losing trades)]
Expected monthly gain = [(6% X 5) – (4% X 5)]
Expected monthly gain = [(30%) – (20%)]
Expected monthly gain = 10%
This means, if you risk around 4% to make 6% per trade and you take five winners and five losers a month, you can expect to make a monthly gain of 10%.
To make your life a lot easier, you can download this calculator and play around with the numbers until you reach your desired monthly income %, winners, losers and the amount of money you’ll need to deposit…
What a Pickpocket Trader has to say:
l was able to make a good profit from the tips
“I would like to thank you for the hard work that you put behind each and every trade that you send to us. As l mentioned earlier, l was able to make a good profit from the tips. From now on, it’s all systems go!”
~ Mandla Khumalo
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Q. “I seemed to have missed the boat with the Discovery trade idea with Red Hot Storm Trader. The day after I saw the email, I put in a buy price way below what the market is trading at and now I’d like to cancel the trade.
I’ll just wait for the next trade idea that comes my way. Could you please guide me on how to close a pending trade order?”
A. There are two ways to cancel a trade from being executed.
First you can go onto your trading platform, go to your orders, right click and choose the “Close Position” option if you’re using Pro Trader.
Note: If you’re not using Pro Trader, call your broker so they can show you how to cancel a pending order. 
Second, you can call your broker and ask them to cancel the trade you want that is currently pending.
If they don’t answer, this may be because of the COVID-19 lockdown, where some brokers are working remotely.
I’d suggest you go to their website and read through their contact page, to see other options they have for you to contact them.
I know some brokers have Online Assistants where they can address your query on their specially built platform.
It may look a little something like this:
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

How to calculate your monthly income when trading
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