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How to Cheat at the Intermediate CFD Trading Webinar

by , 08 April 2021
How to Cheat at the Intermediate CFD Trading Webinar
No, FSPInvest hasn't been hacked!

In fact, it's more secured, encrypted and private compared to most online businesses nowadays…

Going back to the headline…

I was asked something the other day, which I thought I'd address in this week's Q&A…
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“Quick one… Is the price for the ‘Intermediate CFD Trading webinar’ for one person or can someone watch and learn with me?”
I know where this question is coming from.
Back when I hosted live events, the ticket prices were rather high and was a per person quota.
The reason is because of costs like:
R35,000 per event to run
Lights and sound
Flight & accommodation
Employee helpers
Food and drink
And the list goes on…
And that’s why the tickets came to around R1,500 to R17,700 per person.
Now that you’re at home where, you can enjoy all the benefits and information at your own leisure…
I’ve made a decision.
When you buy your online seat to the Intermediate CFD Trading Webinar –
You can invite whoever you want to join at no extra cost.
Your kids, grand kids, wife and even your friends…
It will be a great opportunity for them and for you to enjoy these live events.
And you can even start working together on creating your financial freedom as I did… (Except I was alone!)
And so here’s a reminder and why you need to secure your online seat NOW before it’s too late.
Topic: Intermediate CFD Trading ONLINE Webinar on Saturday, 10 April 2021 via ZOOM.
I’ll teach you and help you kick-off your year on a strong note by showing you:
By the end you will know:
How to choose the best markets
How to find your ideal time frames
How to trade and understand CFD trading
How to manage your money to optimise your trading success
How to trade the 9 most profitable trading strategies world wide
And more.
(I’ll also throw in a trading book with a calculator valued at R1,200) - FREE… As well as the entire recorded event with the interactive slide show.
We will get started from 12:00pm and end at 14:00pm.
If the event goes on longer, then that’s great. I’ll be more than happy to answer all of your trading questions until you get it right!
If you want to join this once-off event, you need to move fast as this is going out to ten thousand people.
You can make a booking by clicking here...
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 

How to Cheat at the Intermediate CFD Trading Webinar
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