How to profit from Facebook's $50 billion downfall

by , 24 April 2018
How to profit from Facebook's $50 billion downfall
If you're not aware yet, Facebook is in hot water.

A US Resident has sued Facebook and a British based political consultancy for taking data from millions of Facebook users without their permission.

This information was linked to the exploitation of the information by the Cambridge Analytica consultancy to help President Donald Trump's election campaign.

Long story short, this ordeal has knocked almost $50 billion off
Facebook stock market's value in a few days.

As a South African you probably couldn't care less about this news. But you should, because there is a no-brainer profit opportunity you can get into today to profit from Facebook's downfall.

Let me explain with a chart….

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South Africa’s “Political Facelift”
Since the start of February, South Africa has had a political facelift.
We have a new president.
We have a new cabinet, in fact the finance minister that presented the State of the Nation at the end of February is no more…
And a decision to amend the SA constitution has been made – in order to do expropriation without compensation.
Just exactly where is SA headed, and what does that mean for investors (and ordinary citizens) like you and I?

Facebook’s 12 month uptrend has just been destroyed

(1) Since January 2017, Facebook has been on a steady incline from $116.00 up to over $194.00 per share.
(2) In February this year, we saw a break to the downside for the first time.In technical terms, we say that there has been a break on the uptrend and now the market has then entered into a bear market (down).
Ok so we have the first sign of downside to come.
We then need to establish the next strong support (floor level) which is the next strong level for Facebook’s price to bounce on before crashing further down.
To do this, let’s zoom into the chart to try and find the next support. What you’re looking for is a horizontal floor level that the price has been bouncing up and down but failed to break below. 

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Do you see it?
It’s the black horizontal price level exactly at $163.59.
This is the strong level that Facebook has been jumping on since August 2017.
The more times the price bounces on this support level the weaker the level becomes. You can think of this analogy of jumping on thin ice.
Once this level breaks below we can see Facebook’s price dropping all the way down to $134.45. This is another 17.81% drop in the price
[($163.53 – $134.45) ÷ 163.53] X 100.
How you can profit from Facebooks 17.81% drop
One of the benefits with trading is using an instrument called CFDs (Contracts for Difference). You can put short trades or sell trades on where you can profit from a crashing stock.
This means if you think the price of a share is going to fall in value (which we do), you can profit from this move by selling CFDs that you don’t own and buying them back at a lower price.
Fortunately for you, we have a top international trader service that can get you started.
Once you’ve read through all the free reports and information, you’ll know exactly how to profit from these kinds of moves.



How to profit from Facebook's $50 billion downfall
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