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How we used Spar to bag a hefty 28.33% gain in just 2 days!

by , 07 December 2017
How we used Spar to bag a hefty 28.33% gain in just 2 days!
A big factor in South African markets over the past few months has been the volatility, and my research indicated the retail share profits would jump.

To me this indicated a profit opportunity.

If the market was about to rise, then why not play according to those rules?

In mid November we had an opportunity to get into a real quality offering stock.

BREAKTHROUGH: Do not make any commitments today... just test out my advice for the next 90 days so that you can see how it actually works

The company I’m talking about is Spar.
The charts were showing Spar lined up for a fantastic buy. It broke out of one of my six profit patterns, and was ready to profit from.
I knew it was time to hit the button
I decided to give the signal for my Red Hot Storm Trader members to buy the incredibly undervalued life-assurance share!

How to: Pickpocket R1,450 a week from the financial markets

It rose so fast we could sell within just 2 days!
I expected our position to work out within a week or two, and was pleasantly surprised to see it come together perfectly within just six days.
Red Hot Storm Traders placed their trade to buy Spar on 16 November 2017 at R177.47, and then on 17 November 2017, phoned their brokers again and said: “Take profits at R185.00.”
I sent both an SMS and email telling my Red Hot Storm Trader subscribers exactly what to do. 
We were in our Spar CFD trade for just 2 days. And from the time we got into the share it moved nicely in our favour.
This is how fast and easily you can make profits using this unique short-term trading service. And remember these are real gains, made by existing subscribers.
But the profits didn’t end there…

How we used Spar to bag a hefty 28.33% gain in just 2 days!
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