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“I've just lost out on a R400,000 investment opportunity”

by , 21 September 2017
“I've just lost out on a R400,000 investment opportunity”
Question by Limo Krafe:

Timon, you have no idea how depressed I am this past month.
I thought I'd try and invest in Bitcoin.

And I had everything ready for the trade of the century.

I had the strategy, the money, the account opened. But then I panicked and froze. I just didn't push that buy button to take the investment.

And today, I look at my account and I look at the Bitcoin chart, and I realised.

I've just lost out on a R400,000 investment opportunity.

If I took this trade, I could've paid off my education and have some money left over for living expenses.

I went online to see if anyone has benefited from this Bitcoin opportunity.

And guess what? Many did.

Some say they can now pay off their home bond and others say it was the 2nd generation Bitcoin opportunity of a lifetime.

I'm very upset I missed this opportunity. Can you relate and what should I do to calm down?

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Answer by Timon Rossolimos:
The biggest pet hates with investors and traders is being hit by Captain Hindsight’s cronies - shoulda, woulda, coulda.
“I should’ve taken this trade, then I would’ve profited big from it.”
“I could've gotten out of my trade at break-even, but now I've taken a pathetic loss instead.”
“Luckily, I didn’t take that trade or I would’ve lost a lot of money.”
You, I and probably every trader and investor in this world has taken a hit by Captain Hindsight.
But here’s the funny thing about hindsight.
Only when you see things go well without you, do you feel resent, regret and hate.
But if things didn’t go your way, you probably would have just brushed it off and say something like.  

“Shewee, Luckily I didn’t take that trade.” 
It always could've gone the other way.
To go back to your first question, the answer is YES.
In the first four years of trading, I missed out on so many profitable opportunities like the ones you’ve mentioned that you’d think I needed to go to a mental asylum.
However, there is one thing that helped me defeat Captain Hindsight and his cronies for the last time.
And that is, by jotting down these ‘delectable’ profit opportunities in a journal.  
Make sure you write down:
Date in – The date you got into your investment/trade
Date out– The date you got out of your investment/trade
Financial instrument – This will tell you what CFDs or shares you got into
Reason – The reasoning for getting into the investment/trade
Profit and Loss – This will tell you how much money you would’ve made in your trade/investment
OK so you know exactly what you have to jot into your journal, now you need to look at the most important metric.
Metric #1: Win rate – This will tell you out of how many trades were winners or losers. Therefore, if you have six winners and four losers, you have a 60% win rate out of the 10 trades you took.
This win/rate metric will abolish Captain Hindsight and his sidekicks forever.
The reason is, you’ll find that your ‘profitable’ opportunities, that line up in the future, might end up to be substantial losses.
And that R400,000 investment opportunity may make you realise that the losses can be just as big. 

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You need to remember this important fact of life
Gain and risk is positively proportional when it comes to trading, investing, gambling, betting and even with business.
The more you’re hoping to make, the higher the risk you need to undertake.
Investing and trading is not a one-time thing.
It is a forever career, which will help you grow your portfolio until you’re at a ripe old age.
And so when you feel you’ve missed out on an opportunity, remember there’s always a better and more rewarding opportunities coming your way.
When you find the balance between risk, reward and opportunities only then you’ll find trading and investing to be an everlasting and profitable career. 
Reply by Limo Krafe:
“Thanks for the advice. And those are very wise words. You definitely have a lot of experience in trading. Let's hope other doors open in the near future.”
PS: If you find that you need a kick-start with your trading career, then here’s everything you need and everything I know about trading in one little box.
Just a note about this article from Analyst of The Winning Streak, Chris Ammon
“I’ve had this feeling when betting on sports. But to possibly minimise the feeling of losing out, Ask yourself the question, “Did you learn something?”

“I've just lost out on a R400,000 investment opportunity”
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