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by , 03 April 2020
On 3 February 2020, I sent out an article:

WARNING: The deadliest threat to the JSE

At the time the JSE All Share Index was trading at 55,000…

I predicted that the index would drop to 50,405 in a couple of weeks…
Did you miss ANOTHER triple-digit gain this last week?
Those canny Pickpocket Traders didn’t - this time a 323% gain from a US500 index trade.
And this isn’t a one-off lucky strike. In the last week, Trader X and his followers have banked gains of 15.80% from Merck... 51.57% from Brent Crude and 323% from the US 500!
This was due to the following factors at the time…
Investors fleeing away from stocks and into cash as world stock markets crashed simultaneously as the COVID-19 was starting to spread rapidly.
Economies were starting to be disrupted as countries decided to try to contain the virus by closing their borders which affected trade and tourism.  
What sped up the prediction hitting the price target were new factors like: 
Many countries entered lock down with the fear that South Africa would also follow.
(Which now of course, started last week Thursday 26 March 2020). 
World stock markets crashed over 10% in one day, causing circuit breakers to cease trading in America, South Africa and other major stock exchanges for a short time.
The oil price fell over 40%, as demand for oil in different industries, vehicles, recreation and other companies slowed down. And with Saudi Arabia and Russia entering into a major price war, with both countries refusing to cut their supply – This sent major stocks down with it including Sasol, Anglo, BHP Billiton and even Anglo gold.
The Fed decided to cut their interest rates down to 0 and the SARB cut South Africa’s interest rate another 100 basis points.
With these reasons and more from the article, the prediction came true…
Take a look at the before, after and learn how you can join in and profit from my LIVE trading predictions…
BEFORE CHART: February 2020
AFTER CHART: March 2020
 How you can profit from my next prediction:
With the virus continuing to spread and cause major economic and social repercussions, I believe trading is one industry we can grow a second income…
In fact, I see opportunities within the chaos so watch for my trading ideas...
Click here so you can be the first to see these trading predictions…
Timon Rossolimos
Managing Editor, Trading Tips
During these unprecedented times, we all need to have ways to preserve, protect and prosper with our capital and portfolios…
Luckily, us traders are not as affected when the stock markets’ rally or crash as we’ve seen in the last few weeks.
We can profit regardless, if we know what we are doing…
If you don’t HAVE A clue what to do during the COVID-19 era, it can be very costly to you… 
The consequences are dire:
o    The money you lost with NO proven plan
o    The fear you have each time you’re about to take a trade
o    The plunging portfolio, when you hold onto losers too long
o    The extra profits missed, when you close your trades too soon
o    The panic and zero confidence, when you keep trading on beliefs
o    No portfolio growth, as you’re not using the power of compounding 
That’s why I want to help you learn how to trade during the pandemic starting RIGHT NOW. 

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