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My latest Brent Crude prediction came true!

by , 12 September 2018
My latest Brent Crude prediction came true!
Q “First of all, a bladdy well done on the accurate Brent Crude prediction article Timon… It hit the $80 in just a matter of two weeks.

I missed the entry as I was already holding a number of stocks but I can't wait for the next prediction. Where do you think the Brent Crude price will move from here?”

A. The target was simply based on the falling wedge analysis. Basically, when there is a breakout above the falling triangle pattern, you can expect price to shoot up to the high of the wedge.

Here is the chart again so we can prepare for the next analysis.

Now that the target has hit $80 per barrel, we need to wait for the price to close above $81.
This will signal the next chart formation which could set us up for another profitable trade.
Once we see the Brent Crude price break out above $81, I will write an article with the full analysis. Just make sure you keep reading Trading Tips…
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Q. “In the previous article, Finally! This index is set to rocket to new highs, you mentioned that we should buy the Satrix RES CFD and hold it.
Before I take on any Satrix CFD trade, I would just like to ask a few questions for clarity purposes. 
1. Does the Satrix RES CFD expire or does it have a maturity date?
2. How will my investment grow if I buy the Satrix RES CFDs?
3. How much can I invest with the Satrix RES CFD versus the actual Satrix RESI investment plan?”
I’ll try answer the questions one by one. 
1. No, the Satrix RES CFD does not expire just like a normal stock CFD or any CFD for that matter. You may hold it in perpetuity.
2. The Satrix RES CFD instrument works like any index CFD trade.
If you buy the Satrix RES CFD at R41.20 and the underlying Satrix RESI Index rises, so will your capital growth for the Satrix RES CFD.
3. With the Satrix RES CFD, you can invest as much as the minimum CFD costs.
You can find out from your broker or market maker what the minimum cost per CFD is.
Our recommended brokers’ have initial costs of just R6.33 to buy just one Satrix RES CFD.
When it comes to the actual Satrix RESI Investment Plan, it’s different. You can either pay a lump sum of R1,000 or pay a minimum debit order of R300 per month to be exposed to the index.
Q. “Could you explain step by step how you identified the Mondi CFD trade with the Red Hot Storm Trader service?”
A. Yes, absolutely. I follow a couple of steps when I look for a trade.
Step 1: Wait for a chart pattern to form
Step 2: Wait for the price to break out of the sideways pattern
Step 3: Ride the momentum as much as possible in the direction of the breakout
Take a look at the chart below to see the steps, I follow.

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Q. “Do I need to know anything about trading before I join the Red Hot Storm Trader that can bank me over R2,000 per trade?”
A. Not at all. In fact, the less you know the more of an advantage you’ll be to profit from the trader service.
All you’ll need is: 
1. A trading account
2. A cell phone
3. Good Wi-fi signal.
The rest you can leave up to me to find the best profitable trades for you.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,

My latest Brent Crude prediction came true!
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