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My Personal Trading “cheat sheet”

by , 11 May 2022
My Personal Trading “cheat sheet”
My trading is governed by this cheat sheet which focuses on three things!

• The first is trading goals.
• The second, your trade reporting and how to spot a big trend.
• Third, A trade analysis & execution plan.

Sticking to this cheat sheet has made me a successful trader for the last 20 years and now I hope it can do the same for you…

I've broken this cheat sheet into three simple plans.

Let's start…
Cheat sheet #1: Yearly plan
Trading as you know, is not a short-term venture. It is a career path that requires several years to grow your portfolio.

And each year, you’ll need to set your goals before you act on them.
Here are some goals you should set for the year.
Don’t make up these numbers.

If you want to be more accurate with your yearly plan, you’ll need to have created or adopted a winning trading strategy.

I have to warn you though, it’s not easy to build a system. It can take years of trial, error and optimization which requires a lot of time, which most of us don’t have if this is just a part time focus.

And once you have a system, you’ll need to back test 20 trades, forward test (with paper money) 20 trades and then live test 20 trades (with an actual account).

That’s why I offer my entire
MATI Trader System strategy, for those who don’t have time and patience in creating a system from scratch.
Once your yearly plan is set out, you can move to the next cheat sheet item.

Cheat sheet #1: Weekly plan
There are two main objectives you should incorporate into your weekly plan.
1.    Analysis and reporting

Once a week, you’ll log into your trading and chart platform.

You’ll then open your portfolio account and see how your trades performed over the last week.

Make sure you answer these questions.

1.    How many winning and losing trades are currently in the portfolio?

2.    Have you held onto your trades longer than you should as a trader. (Note: I don’t hold trades longer than 7 weeks, as the costs start to add up).
3.    Have you jotted down all your open and closed trades in your trading journal so you can see how your portfolio is performing?

2.    Identify major market trends

Then once a week do this.

Go through the main indices and charts and see where the overall trends are heading.

Is the overall trend up? If so then I only look for longs (buys) in the markets.

Is the overall trend down? If so, then I only look for shorts (sells) in the markets.

If the overall trend sideways? If so, then I don’t look for either buys or sells.

Here are a few examples of main markets you can monitor their overall trends:

Main indices:
ALSI40, SP500, CAC, DAX, NIKKEI, UK100 etc…

Main commodities:
Gold, platinum and Brent Crude.

Main cryptos:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron etc…

Local indices:
Resources, Property, Industrials etc…

This will prepare you for the week and will shed light on where markets are MORE likely to head.

Want to get a head start on your trading , then try my Mati Trader System Programme. It comes with a 365 day money back guarantee.

Cheat sheet #3: The Daily plan
The final step with your trading cheat sheet, is to spot and take the best trades that line up according to your strategy.

You’ll do this by seeing which potential trades are lining up for the day.

Write them down on a sticky note, so you can remember to take them later on in the day.

Then with the trades that are ready to go.

You’ll set your entry, stop loss, take profit and the no. of contracts you’ll buy or sell.

Finally, you’ll execute your trades and jot it down in your trading journal once again.

So, to sum up:

Cheat sheet Part1: Yearly plan

Make sure you know how many trades, winners, losers, Win rate and portfolio percentage gain you can expect per year.

Cheat sheet Part2: Weekly plan
Analyse, report and identify major market trends to get a feel for where the markets are heading.

Cheat sheet Part3: Daily plan
Trading analysis & execution to find and take your trades and look for what is lining up.

Follow this cheat sheet and you’ll have a much better chance at trading success and consistency.

Trade well, live free.
Timon Rossolimos

PS.  If you prefer I do all the hard work for you, why not skip the admin and
sign up to Red Hot Trader, my trading service has had 6 winners in a row and I’m looking at a seventh…

My Personal Trading “cheat sheet”
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