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My predictions for Oil were spot on!

by , 11 March 2020
My predictions for Oil were spot on!
On 10 February 2020, Timon Rossolimos, sent out an article:
At the time the oil price was trading at $54.49 per barrel…
Timon predicted that Brent Crude would fall to $42.48 in a couple of weeks…
This was due to the following factors… 
Major travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus meant less fuel
World oil companies cut millions of barrels of oil per day as demand dropped
A descending triangle and 3 Black Crows were evident on the chart
With these reasons and more from the article, the prediction came true…
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BEFORE CHART: 10 February 2020 
And here’s how the prediction played out:
AFTER CHART: 10 March 2020

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Annabel Koffman
Publisher, FSPINvest.co.za
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My predictions for Oil were spot on!
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