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Off The Record: Leaked Pickpocket Trader track record will leave you in awe…

by , 21 October 2020
Off The Record: Leaked Pickpocket Trader track record will leave you in awe…
“Where should I put my money to generate a decent return in a year?”

This is pretty much the most common question I get asked from people who want to make a consistent income.

If you put your money in the bank, you're lucky to earn a mere 5% annual return. However, if you consider the inflation rate and the costs to pay, it drops down to less than 2%.

If you invested your money in the JSE you're lucky to walk away with a 13% return and that's before you take inflation into account at 3.1%

There are faster ways of generating a second cash flow and one that comes at a much higher potential return. I'm talking double and even triple digits in a 12 month period but of course, this comes with a healthy dose of risk too!

So, if you thinking it's a quick way of growing your retirement savings -don't!

This is fast money so I'm saying you have to be prepared to lose, too.

With that said, there's a service that has generated readers a sweet 49% return since the start of 2020.

Pickpocket Trader makes 243% gain on one trade
Were you one of the lucky Pickpocket Trader subscribers who cashed in on this huge profit on the Rand?
Pickpocket Trader quietly generating 49% return in 2020 – in one of the worst years of this century 
At FSPInvest Research we want to be completely transparent. We want to show you the bad and the good side to trading and investing.
That’s why I am sharing the full track record for Pickpocket Trader in 2020…
Pickpocket Trader track record leaked!
But I want you to understand the figures we chose and give you an example as a starting point, for you to calculate yours when you join…
We all have different portfolio values, risk management rules and deposit criteria when it comes to trading.
Let’s take the last trade, Trader X sent out to his Pickpocket Traders in September, to see what it could’ve banked you.
How a USD/ZAR Trade helped bank readers
243.9% in just 8 days
Now remember, the idea here is you take every trade, not just pick and choose because you won’t get these kind of returns if you take a cherry pick approach…
The key to this strategy is taking every trade and having a decent starting pot. So, for this example I have assumed a R50,000 pot.  Of course, you can start smaller, but I wouldn’t go smaller than R20,000.
You’ll see why in a minute….
Let’s take a look at the last trade just to understand the mechanics, then I’ll get into risk per trade and other matters when following a service like this in the next series of articles in October…
Starting portfolio value: R50,000
Market: USD/ZAR (US dollar against the South African rand).
Entry Level: R16.40
Exit Level: R16.80
Margin (deposit) per CFD: R0.1640
Trader X (from Pickpocket Trader) sent out a buy trade idea on the South African Rand.
The entry (buy) price was R16.40 to the US dollar, which you would’ve bought on 17 September 2020.
Next, you’d put in the entry, stop loss and take profit levels that Trader X sent out.
And using a consistent deposit rule, let’s say you deposited 10% of your portfolio into the USD/ZAR CFD trade.
Which in this case the margin (deposit) was R5,000 (10% X R50,000).
Eight days later, the USD/ZAR CFD trade hit the exit level at R16.80, banking a profit.
Now we need to calculate what we could’ve banked using this formula…
Gain % = (Take profit – Entry) ÷ Margin per CFD
            = (R16.80 – R16.40
            = R0.40 ÷ R0.1640)
            = 243.90%.
This means, if you deposited R5,000 – you would’ve walked out of the trade with a R7,195 gain (R12,195 – R5,000).
That’s R7,195 you can now add onto your portfolio and grow it even more…
I'd like to send you THREE specific investment recommendations based entirely on this secret for free
It’s how Warren Buffett built his $80.5 billion fortune!
It’s how Sir John Templeton quadrupled his money...
And how Walter Schloss (you’ve probably never even heard of him) took home R190million in a year.
It’s perhaps the most unfair advantage an investor can have in the markets.
How Pickpocket Trader’s portfolio multiplied
over 49% in 2020
You can see, with a starting portfolio of R50,000, in January, how it multiplied into R74,414.66.
That’s a 49% return in just 10 months… Where else can you get these kind of returns?
If you started with a R20,000 portfolio in January, it would have turned into R29,800.
That’s why it’s always best to start with more than R20,000, because the amount you can afford to risk is slightly higher per trade so the reward is greater.
But this is just the start and I’m just being extra conservative…
If all goes well, there is no limit to your financial upside. You’ll just need to MAKE sure you reinvest your winnings and follow each trade.
Next thing you know, you’re well on your way to generating a lucrative second income thanks to this type of leveraged trading.
But I must warn you once again, you should not be investing money in this kind of trading that you cannot afford to lose!
The beauty of Pickpocket Trading is it allows you to make small quick wins and keeps losses to a minimum so that you can grow that starting pot over a short period of time. As you can see from the track record above, Trader X has had 9 losses out of 24 trades. But is still up 49%!
If you join the service, you can trial it for three months, absolutely risk-free.  Trader X has included all the details on how to get your account set up, how to calculate what to risk per trade, how to set your take profit and your trailing stops. These and more are included in his free how to guide: The Essential Guide to Financial Pickpocket trading.
In next week’s article, I’m going to give you the tool you’ll need to choose how much money you’d like to bank per month with Pickpocket Trader.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader
P.S. You can start your 3 month risk-free trial by clicking here.

Off The Record: Leaked Pickpocket Trader track record will leave you in awe…
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